Satyricon behöver dig, gitarrist och keyboardist

Satyricon2006fx_11Så Satyricon släpper snart nytt album (”Äntligen!”) och ger sig ut på turné. Men några pusselbitar saknas. Bandet har därför gått ut på sin hemsida med efterlysningar. Spelar du keyboard eller gitarr? Nu har du chansen att smaka på Satyrs rider-vin i logen – och rocka loss till Fuel for hatred.

Guitar: Skills on a high international level, touring experience, ability to attend rehearsals on a weekly basis and good social skills. You MUST be a Satyricon fan. The band is not looking for players in general. This is a lifestyle, more than a job. It is not possible to play the music of Satyricon without feeling it, or responding to the demands of the band without really wanting to be a part of this.

Keyboards: The same qualifications as for guitar, but you need to understand sampling and software as well as being to perform conventional keyboard parts. You also need to possess the required equipment to do so.

Please send a video of yourself playing not only your own select Satyricon songs, but anything you think is representative of your level as a player. It does not have to be technical, it might as well be something representative of your ability to interprete music. Should the band want to pursue, you will be invited to an audition in Oslo.


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