Pyramido’s Dan Hedlund urge you to read these books: ”I would recommend this to fans of emo-bedroom-black metal any day”

31 mars, 2015

Who reads wins.


What are the odds? Doom metal band Pyramido from Malmö not only has one librarian in the band, but two! So what band in the world has more academic heaviness and more metal strenght to their choice of reading than Pyramido?

That is why swedish blog Bara Metal asked both Viktor Forss [drums, books] and Dan Hedlund [guitars, more books] to recommend great books for the blog’s great readers. Especially since it is Easter and time to read books, drink swedish snaps and take a break from reality.

Dan and Viktor happily contrubuted with personal favourites. They even contrubuted with photos showcasing the books. You can find Viktor’s suggested reading here, and here follow Dan’s recommendations:

 PC Jersild – Efter floden [After the flood]

You read The Road and liked it? Well forget that shit, this is the real deal! Swedish author PC Jersild wrote this book in 1982 and it´s the best post apocalyptic story I’ve ever read. This was translated to english back in 1986 so I guess that fucker McCarthy just ripped the whole feeling off from Efter floden.

It’s years after a nuclear war that nearly wiped out the human race and a sorry excuse for humanity is traveling on old rusty boats in the archipelago outside of Stockholm. The radioactivity has lead to vaste deformation and there are nearly any women left, therefore no new children are being born. Sexual abuse and cannibalism is part of everyday life and on this boat in particular a young boy called Edvin Fittmun (that translate to Pussy/cuntmouth) is seeing his fair share of abuse being on the bottom of the food chain onboard. After the crew grows tired of him he is left to survive on what seems to be a deserted island and this is where the story really takes of.

This book is so very gloomy, dirty and grimy and so far ahead of it´s time. One of my faves!

Lawen MohtadiDen dag jag blir fri

This is a biography on Katarina Taikon written by swedish journalist Lawen Mohtadi. Taikon was an author and civil rights activist of romani origin. Not only did she write the hugely popular books about Katitzi but she was also extremely active in the struggle against the oppression/racism of the Romani population in Sweden.

Sweden has a good international reputation when it comes to equality and civil rights but let us not forget that in the 1920s-30s-40s (before and after as well I suppose) the swedish government locked up and often sterilized people only based on their ethnicity. This books reminds us about that and is very up to date these days when a normalization of racism is well on it’s way in both Sweden and in Europe as a whole.

The book is based mainly on interviews with Taikon’s sister Rosa and covers her very though childhood followed by her adult life which she devoted to culture, politics and her friends and family. Crucial swedish history!

 Helle HelleRödby Puttgarden

Helle Helle is one of my favorite authors. She’s danish and writes books mainly about the kinda boring and ordinary lives of, well, it could be anyone. Rödby Puttgarden is a book about a girl who works on the super depressing ferries that connects Rödby (Denmark) with Puttgarden (Germany). I for one would know having traveled this route many times with Pyrafckerz. Well the book is about her and her pretty stale life in a small town. And that´s basically it, at least if you don’t pay attention to the the small nuances in the language. If you appreciate these, then you can tell that Helle Helle is funny as hell AND she also goes very deep in her special minimal way. The iceberg theory anyone?

 Pär LagerqvistOnda sagor [Evil fairytales]

This guy really characterize what we call ”det svenska vemodet” (the Swedish melancholy). Lagerqvist was a poet and author that was active and released a ton of titles between the early 1900s until he died in 1974. This is a collection of short stories that I recently read and became very fond of. It’s pretty heavy stuff, heavy enough to borderline into something almost comic when you read it nowadays. In the first story ”Far och jag” (My father and I) Lagerqvist paints a picture of him as a kid encountering a dark raging ghost train to illustrate his anxiety and inner darkness to come. Very (almost too) obvious, but I can imagine it was groundbreaking when it came out in 1924. There is a great sense of solitude to all these storys. The best one being ”Frälsar-Johan” (Johan the saviour) centering around Johan, a seemingly mentally ill man believing he is the reincarnation of Christ and is suffering a great deal when people laugh him off in the village he roams around in. Later on he dies alone in a violent way making the ultimate sacrifice for his fellow man. As you may tell, there ain’t a great deal of joy in this book and I would recommend this to fans of emo-bedroom-black metal any day.

Pooneh Rohi – Araben [the Arab]

This was THE book of 2014 for me. Written by debutant Pooneh Rohi it’s about this man, nearly a ghost of a man, who travels around the subway of Stockholm waiting for another day to end. He is refered to only as ”araben” (the arab) but could just as well be from anywhere in the middle east. He is alone, he is mad at the world around him and he is mad at this cold country where he has spent the last 20 something years being nearly invisible.

We also get to follow another character, a girl in her late twenties. She came to Sweden as a child and has only vague memories of her life in the old country. She has succeeded in every way that the arab has not – she lives in the centre of Stockholm, has a rich social life and is going for a high degree in university. Still she experience this nagging feeling of loneliness and not belonging anywhere.

In a review I read, Pooneh Rohi was described as an author who has succeeded to make the reader feel as if he/she has experienced what is described in the book although that reality is far away from the readers everyday life. I think that is what really got to me with this story. I can feel both of these characters fears and feelings of not belonging. On a larger scale (and very simplified) I guess that’s a huge first step to counteract such things as racism and ignorance – making people understand each other. I also love the language in this, it’s poetic yet straight forward and in that way you get this kind of ”quiet storm” building up during the reading of this. Top notch!

Svartidaudi tar med sig träsköldar som merchandise

30 mars, 2015

Merchandise och image.


Jag vet inte vad jag ska tycka om detta. Som ungt fan på åttiotalet var det till exempel jättefräckt med Gene Simmons bas som såg ut som en yxa. Som småvuxen blev den ganska pinsam, och som ännu mer vuxen känns det som en rolig grej ändå.

Ett bättre exempel: U.D.O.s hammare i hårdplast som följde med om man beställde deluxe-kittet av ett album på nätet. Den känns pinsam rakt igenom. Men mina barn hade säkert gillat att leka med den.

Nu har jag köpt biljetter till Svartidaudi på söndag i Köpenhamn, och bandet meddelar att man har med sig fina träsköldar att hänga upp på väggen. Och jag fattar inte grejen. Är det en trend som jag har missat? Vill man ha en sån sköld? Jag vet inte. Nej, inte jag. Det känns som något som besitter andar vid köpet, men en månad senare mest samlar damm på väggen. Men av kommentarerna på Facebook att döma, förutom de som menar att skölden ser ut som något hämtat ur datorspelet Legend of Zelda, så verkar fansen vilja köpa trästycket. Beats me. Men kul för bandet. Och hundra gånger mer autentiskt och äkta än en plasthammare.

Entrails köttar med ny låt och album

27 mars, 2015


Nån gång runt 1990 startade Entrails sin karriär, som aldrig riktigt tog fart. När bandet sedan återuppstod 2008 kom det att bli ett av de mest produktiva death metalbanden denna sida 2000-talet.

Nu är Entrails aktuella med ytterligare ett lik-klyvande album, Obliteration släpps 15 maj (sjukt snyggt omslag). Lyssna på spåret Beyond the Flesh ovan. Bara Metal intervjuade bandet 2013, och den intervjun är lika aktuell nu som då:

Var det självklart att Entrails skulle heta Entrails även 2008 när du drog igång igen?

– Japp. Det var ju så vi hette i början så för min egen del var det givet val.

Det lär ha funnits ett till Entrails på 90-talet, hade du koll på det?

– Jo, jag såg att det funnits ett band på 90-talet med samma namn men det fick bli så ändå.

Kom bandnamnet från att ha bläddrat i Norstedts Engelsk-Svenska Ordbok som många andra namn, eller hur gick det till?

– Jajämen. Vi tog en kväll i byns bibbla och letade bandnamn och fann att Entrails skulle passa oss.

Läs hela intervjun här, som är i två delar.


Fem metalband som dyrkar solförmörkelsen

20 mars, 2015

Självklart är solförmörkelse något som metalband hyllar, även om de flesta av oss lever i kalla källare och inte har riktigt koll på när det är dag och natt. Här är fem låtar som hyllar total eclispe of man kind. De är inte bara valda hipp som happ. Det är bra skit.






Desolate Shrine: ”…not every people have liked the album and I can’t really blame them.”

18 mars, 2015

Två sångare är fler än en.


The Midlands Rock har en intervju med albumaktuella finska dödsmetallarna Desolate Shrine som jag vill tipsa om. Det är en sån där intervju som börjar tveksamt men som växer för varje fråga. Bland annat diskuterar LL [spelar alla instrument förutom sång] fördelarna med två sångare:

The band has two vocalists. When composing, are the tracks written with this in mind?

The vocal arrangements don’t affect the song writing process in anyway. We do have some idea what kind of vocals this and that part needs, but riffs and parts are not done thinking about vocal arrangements. We treat vocals as the additional instrument that could change the mood quite dramatically from time to time and we experiment a lot with them to see what works the best.

What opportunities does having two vocalists give the band that having one vocalist otherwise wouldn’t?

The voices are quite different so that’s obvious but for the most important and interesting thing is the fact that both vocalists have a surprisingly different approach how they arrange their parts. We do experiment a lot while recording the vocals parts and try out different things with different singers. R.S. might come up with completely different than M.L. has done and vice versa. It’s a lot of work as there are no set parts for each vocalist but I think it’s absolutely worth it. We could have done alternative versions of these albums with vastly different vocal arrangements that you hear now.

Musically speaking, does the album mark a progression since 2012’s The Sanctum of Human Darkness? How is it reflected in the album?

We wanted to portray a bit different side of the band on The Heart of the Netherworld this time. Sanctum was and is ultimately an anti-mainstream-statement – an album that is heavy in every way for the listener. No easy riffs and arrangements to hold onto. We were building up for a climax that never came because fuck you. Unsurprisingly not every people have liked the album and I can’t really blame them. But for the same reason it also has a really oppressive and suffocating aura which was exactly what I was aiming for. At first it was hard to sell for the vocalists too but once they understood what I’m trying to do, they really delivered with their performances.

Läs hela intervjun här. Desolate Shrine släppte sitt tredje album The Heart of the Netherworld i januari via Dark Descent Records. Du hittar bandets bandcampsida här. Tyvärr innehåller den sidan bara låtar från första albumet.

Gzekhratüs strömmar mästerlig EP på bandcamp

18 mars, 2015

Gzekhratüs släppte en EP i höstas som jag missade, men det är inte mycket att hänga läpp för – nu strömmar bandet hela Masters of Universal Mysteries på sin bandcampsida.

Samtidigt lär vi oss att universums mysterier blir lättare att förstå om man släpper ett album med en kronbeklädd dödskalle på. Kan spansk black metal bli mer spansk? Men bortom de katolska och monarkistiska inslagen – Detta är bra. Det vältrar sig lika mycket i smuts och mörker som i sprickor av solsken.

Nytt album ståndar för Irkallian Oracle

17 mars, 2015


Minns ni göteborgsbandet Grotesques album? En bevingad demon med en slak penis. Nu sluter ett annat göteborgsband, Irkallian Oracle, cirkeln med en präktig erektion.

Eller nej förresten. Det har ju inget med saken att göra. Jag börjar om. På debutalbumet frambringade Irkallian Oracle det kvinnliga underlivet (kan betraktas som cirkeln O – som i Oracle). Nu ståndar man med en fallos på kommande album (kan betraktas som ett ståtligt I – som i Irkallian ). Ett album som snart ska spelas in en lokal studio. Albumets namn lär vara Apollyon.

Fast bilden ovan är dock inte albumets omslag, utan bara en illustration som på något sätt ingår i släppet, kanske som del av bookleten.

Nytt album alltså. Stor anledning att köpa en flaska champagne att fylla ett glas med (ytterligare symboler för I och O för er som inte fattar det – tänk flaskhals och glas ovanifrån). Läs Bara Metals klassiska misslyckade intervju med bandet här, och lyssna på den musik som bandet har läckt genom en livespelning i Tyskland i december. Eller vänta med att lyssna tills albumet släpps, för premisserna Youtube och live är inte bästa ljudet.

Iskra tänder gnistan med tredje fullängdare

16 mars, 2015

Iskra var en gång en rysk tidning. Ordet betyder tydligen ”gnista” i Östeuropa, och ett band med ett sådant namn har med stor sannolikhet en vänsterorienterad inställning till musik. Så här står det på bandets hemsida:

Iskra has always maintained a free service to download our music in high quality format(wavs). NEVER PAY for digital downloads of our music! If you want to support Iskra, who’ve against everything stayed away from mainstream bullshit, and corporations, then you are welcome to purchase merchandise from us directly using this site or donate below.

Iskra, från Kanada, är gå gång att släppa sitt tredje album Ruins. Det kommer förmodligen i april och att döma av bandets bandcamp-sida är detta riktigt bra. Lyssna och tyck likadant.


Beastmilk har surnat – byter namn till Grave Pleasures

13 mars, 2015


Hypade och hipsterkramade Beastmilk har hamnat i internt blåsväder. Följande basunerades ut på deras hemsida nyligen

Sadly, due to irreconcilable differences, we have parted ways with our co-founder, guitarist and friend Johan “Goatspeed” Snell.
We ask you to understand that both sides did absolutely everything they could to make things work, but were unable to find a way to continue together. We all wish Johan the very best, but the show must go on.
Given theses circumstances Beastmilk will continue to forge ahead, but will assume the new identity of Grave Pleasures.

Om Johan “Goatspeed” Snell kommer behålla namnet Beastmilk i någon form (Beastmilk AD? Beastmilk BC?) återstår att se. Grave Pleasures spelar på Sweden Rock i år.

Behexen bryter tystnad med tystnad

12 mars, 2015


Finska Behexen var med på Bara Metals topplista 2012. Sedan dess har tre års vattenmassor flutit fram under broarna och det kanske är dags att släppa nytt? Nja. Behexen gick i veckan ut med en uppdatering på Facebook som förklarar att vår och sommar 2015 kommer att vara tyst för bandets del. Men lagom till november/december tar mörkret form igen:

A fairly long moment has passed since the last update, so it’s time to lift the veil a bit.
The first half of the year 2015 is going to be silent from our side. We’re working intensively on our next full-length album, and all of our focus now lies upon that great work. By the end of this year, that black matter we’ve been working and praying for, will be released and set free into this dying world.

Fram till dess, lyssna på Behexens mest spelade låt på Youtube.


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