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Exclusive interview – Goatwhore: ”Imagine a tank rolling over a valley of dead bones”

2 september, 2014

Mer Goatwhore till folket.


We need to know more about Goatwhore. Åtminstone här i Sverige. It is a great band only getting better and better, check out their latest album Constricting Rage of the Merciless for evidence.

Bara Metal asked the merciless questions. Drummer Zack Simmons answered with rage:
I think I’ve read that you used two-inch tapes for this record – but in all honesty I cannot tell the difference when I hear the sound. Why is it, despite that, worth the extra job for you?

– We wanted to achieve a more natural, less digital sound with this record. Recording analog captured a very raw vibe of the band that is very evident in our live presentation. It was a lot of extra work for everyone involved but it was well worth it in the end result. As a musician, it requires you to be at the top of your game since there is little room for error.

Erik Rutan has once again done a great job – but do you ever consider or discuss hiring another producer? 

– We never really discussed working with someone else. We’ve always had a great working relationship with Erik and have always strived to improve upon things with each record, which I think we’ve achieved. We are both totally on the same page so if it’s not broke, why fix it?

Cold earth consumed in dying flesh is my favourite one. For starters – how did that beatiful and mezmerising intro come about?