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Desolate Shrine: ”…not every people have liked the album and I can’t really blame them.”

18 mars, 2015

Två sångare är fler än en.


The Midlands Rock har en intervju med albumaktuella finska dödsmetallarna Desolate Shrine som jag vill tipsa om. Det är en sån där intervju som börjar tveksamt men som växer för varje fråga. Bland annat diskuterar LL [spelar alla instrument förutom sång] fördelarna med två sångare:

The band has two vocalists. When composing, are the tracks written with this in mind?

The vocal arrangements don’t affect the song writing process in anyway. We do have some idea what kind of vocals this and that part needs, but riffs and parts are not done thinking about vocal arrangements. We treat vocals as the additional instrument that could change the mood quite dramatically from time to time and we experiment a lot with them to see what works the best.

What opportunities does having two vocalists give the band that having one vocalist otherwise wouldn’t?

The voices are quite different so that’s obvious but for the most important and interesting thing is the fact that both vocalists have a surprisingly different approach how they arrange their parts. We do experiment a lot while recording the vocals parts and try out different things with different singers. R.S. might come up with completely different than M.L. has done and vice versa. It’s a lot of work as there are no set parts for each vocalist but I think it’s absolutely worth it. We could have done alternative versions of these albums with vastly different vocal arrangements that you hear now.

Musically speaking, does the album mark a progression since 2012’s The Sanctum of Human Darkness? How is it reflected in the album?

We wanted to portray a bit different side of the band on The Heart of the Netherworld this time. Sanctum was and is ultimately an anti-mainstream-statement – an album that is heavy in every way for the listener. No easy riffs and arrangements to hold onto. We were building up for a climax that never came because fuck you. Unsurprisingly not every people have liked the album and I can’t really blame them. But for the same reason it also has a really oppressive and suffocating aura which was exactly what I was aiming for. At first it was hard to sell for the vocalists too but once they understood what I’m trying to do, they really delivered with their performances.

Läs hela intervjun här. Desolate Shrine släppte sitt tredje album The Heart of the Netherworld i januari via Dark Descent Records. Du hittar bandets bandcampsida här. Tyvärr innehåller den sidan bara låtar från första albumet.