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The mind blowing 80’s metal list of Amulet’s Dave Sherwood On Drums: The best 7’’

21 september, 2014

History lesson. Part I.


British Amulet is about to release its debut on Century Media, logically called The First, with a great in-touch-with-history cover.

This is not by chance, metal history and heritage happen to be vital for the band. Exclusively for the blog Bara Metal, the drummer of Amulet Dave Sherwood On Drums has chosen some of his favourite metal releases of the 80’s and added his motivations for each of them. In his own words: ”I hope there are some bands in the list you have not heard before as discovering new music is the best thing in the world.”

Take heed, you intelligent readers – the list is full of great old school heavy metal to discover: 13 years old singers, the weakest work of Heavy Load and drunk as fuck singalong chorus are guaranteed.

This is part 1 of the list, called The best 7’’ of Dave Sherwood On Drums from Amulet. Want to read part 2? You find it here!