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Vattnet Viskar tells the story behind the band name

27 januari, 2012

I’m always looking for new great bands. And I’m a swede. So finding the american band Vattnet Viskar (The water whispers), which is A) a new great metal band, and B) a swedish band name – I had to 1) introduce them to Bara Metal’s readers, and 2) ask them about their name.

So I did. And Nicholas Thornbury [vocals, guitar] answered my question. [FOR LONG INTERVIEW, GO HERE]

– So the band name has a couple of things behind it. We wanted something kind of earthy sounding, something to do with nature. I had an idea for song lyrics that involved drowning (the self-titled song on our demo), so we were thinking something with water.

– Having it in Swedish is kind of an homage to so many of the bands that inspire us. Although we definitely have our own take musically, this music is rooted in Scandinavia, which we like to acknowledge. So we just messed around with google translator and a Swedish-English dictionary until we came up with something we liked the sound of.

More about the band here.