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Exclusive interview – Bölzer: ”Lightning represents exactly what our name is meant to evoke”

30 oktober, 2013

Att tämja åskan.


Det tog ett tag innan jag upptäckte Bölzer. Debutalbumet Aura släpptes i våras på Iron Bonehead, och musiken har jag redan beskrivit här. Kort sammanfattning? Svinbra! Det ena liksom ledde till det andra, och nu kan Bara Metal presentera en intervju med bandet. Sångaren och gitarristen KzR svarade, och lämnade inga frågor besvikna.

Grim Kim of MetalSucks praised you this summer, so has many other blogs – have you noticed the attention you are getting since your album debut Aura?

– Yes. We are continually overwhelmed by the incredible support we have been receiving, especially since the release of our EP Aura. We honestly did not expect things to pick up as rapidly as they have and we are extremely grateful for all of the exciting gig opportunities we are getting.

About Aura. It is an EP, a brilliant EP, but why did you choose to release only three songs? Why not wait until you have a full album? …or include the Roman Acupuncture-demo you made 2012?