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Barn Burner i Sverige för första gången

25 augusti, 2010

Kanadensiska Barn Burner är i Sverige. De spelar en sorts stonermetal, till skillnad mot stonerrock. Mycket uppfriskande.

Jag och min kollega Cassandra intervjuade dem inför deras Europaturné, och Corren publicerade artikeln i fredags. Lite material blev över, så jag lägger ut det på bloggen. Barn Burner spelar också i Hässleholm och Köpenhamn.

Bara metal: Which song is the oldest, and which one is the newest on your debut album Bangers? What’s the time span?

Kevin: The oldest song on the album is Wizard Island and the newest would be Half Past Haggard. The time span between the writing of the two is about 2 years.

Bara metal: …and what will your coming album sound like – have you found your Barn Burner style yet?

Kevin: The next record is certainly more on the metal side of things. I think it probably sounds like the heavier songs on Bangers but just more of them. I think we’ve had a style since the beginning however it will always vary according to various influences and whatnot.

Bara metal: Do you know of any of the supporting acts you will play with here in Europe? The Architects again?

Kevin: Our Europe tour will be us headlining and local bands supporting as we go with the exception of a few festivals. Architects are super good friends of ours but we are very different bands and don’t necessarily suit playing with each other.

Bara metal: What band would you like to tour with if you got the opportunity to choose any band in the world?

Kevin: I would have to say Iron Maiden.