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Heavy metal och Egypten

11 februari, 2011

Om ni vill hänga med i vad som händer i Egypten, och ändå vara metal, kan ni läsa här, om Heavy metal and revolution in Egypt, med bland annat följande rader:

“There a chance Slayer will ever play Saudi?” I asked.

“Yes — maybe after 1,000 years,” said Emad, deadpan.

“They will die and come back to life first.”


“Is that the way you were?” I asked.

“Yes — I used to love my Metallica T-shirts. Look — even though I love Iron Maiden, I’m a proud Muslim. I’m proud of my culture — I have no problem regarding that. It was a stage in my life.”

“It looks like you’re still in it,” I said. After all, we were here two days before a metal show that he was organizing. He played bass for a death metal band called, unambiguously, Eternal Damnation.

“Perhaps I am still in it. But the times have changed. They have changed. But we do love our country.”

Om ni inte backar för artiklar på 50 000 tecken, kör hårt. Eller nöj er med Dios låt om landet (”A very strange land, a very strange place”). Kuriosa: Lägg märke till hur Claude Schnell på keyboard har svårt att hålla takten i sitt lilla enkla intro:

Mer om utvecklingen i landet: DN, GP, SvD, BLT, Expressen, AB.