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Exclusive interview – Danny Lilker: ”That song Vengeance was not about Anthrax”

8 juni, 2015

The legend speaks.


Nuclear Assault’s final tour has just begun. The thrash metal legends played Sweden Rock Festival recently, and this tuesday Danny Lilker will spend in Stockholm signing his biography Perpetual Conversion at Sound Pollution, Stora Nygatan 18 in Stockholm, sponsored by Close-Up Magazine.

Bara Metal recently had an interview with the one and only – bass player Danny Lilker.

Back in 1984-85. Did you ever sit down writing revenge lyrics toward Anthrax for firing you? If so – did those words ever turn into a song?

– Haha! No. Never did. That song Vengeance was not about Anthrax, it was John’s lyrics and he was just telling a made-up story. The best ”revenge” was forming a ground-breaking crossover thrash metal band!

Obviously. And then you recorded the SOD-album with Scott Ian and Benante, after that break up from Anthrax. No hard feelings at that time?