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Gene Simmons, Zakk Wylde med flera om Bin Ladins död

2 maj, 2011

Reaktioner i amerikanska metalvärlden på Bin Ladins död (EDIT: uppdaterad med Gene Simmons, Slash, Dying Fetus, Brian Slagel och Unearth):

”He’s gone. Ignore him. He is just another wart in the history of humanity. Let’s support the freedom loving new generation of Arabs” Gene Simmons via Twitter.

”Bin Laden TERMINATED….GENERAL PATTON SMILES….Terrorists can Run, but they’re only gonna DIE Tired..✞TBLO✞SDMF” Zakk Wylde via Twitter.

”Hell yea!!! Bin is dead….I hope he suffered!” Tim Ripper Owens via Twitter.

” ‘I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.’ Mark Twain” Scott Ian via Twitter.

”Fox news is reporting that Usama Bin Laden was killed. Do you think their viewers understand what is happening?” Brian Slagel (Bossen på Metal Blade Records) via Twitter.

”My daughters were 1 and 4 when 9/11 happened. Was profound sadness then that even my 4yr old grasped. We all watched news 2nite 2gether” Duff McKagan via Twitter.

”Key words: ”Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader, Bin Laden was a mass murderer of Muslims.” Hopefully today’s news will unite us all.” Scott Ian igen via Twitter.

”One shot one kill.” Dying Fetus via Twittter.

”Bin Laden”s cave is for sale now. 4 bedrooms, no baths, but including heavy artillery” Jim Florentine (ståuppare, That Metal Show) via Twitter.

”Thanks to the American military for taking care of business. True heroes!!” Trevor Phipps (Unearth) via Twitter.

”In the past decade I’ve met many soldiers, wounded warriors & widowed spouses, today I’m happy to say your sacrifice & loss were not in vain. God bless the united states & our military.” Bret Michaels via Facebook.

”Osama is dead? I want to see the body. Iii|; )’ ” Slash via Twitter.

”Being in New York and hearing that Bin Ladin is dead is icing on the cake…” Nikki Sixx via Twitter.

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