Öppet bråk mellan Eternal Champion och Keep it True-festivalen


I veckan utspelade sig ett verbalt storbråk på Facebook mellan Oliver Weinsheimer, som organiserar den tyska festivalen Keep it True, och Jason Tarpey, sångare i det fantastiska bandet Eternal Champion.

Allting började dock med att det unga tyska heavy metal-bandet Sphinx, som var bokade och spelade på tvådagarsfestivalen Keep it True Rising i november, inte var nöjda med hur de behandlades av arrangören, eller främst missnöjda över hur lite gratis öl de fick av Keep it True. Så besvikna att de gav Oliver Weinsheimer öknamn med förleden Svin- och Kuk- samt ventilerade sina åsikter så här, vilket sägs vara hämtat från en bootleg från spelningen: 

Oliver Weinshammer valde då att på Facebook publicera just bilden här ovan och kommentera saken:

First of all, Sphinx got their fee, free hotel, free food and free unlimited non alcoholic drinks like all other bands. Alcoholic drinks are limited to all bands. I wanted to support them by booking them as the opener to our KEEP IT TRUE Festival Rising so they can gather and reach more fans. Also they were streamed worldwide FOR FREE as a perfect promo before the release of their first album. I even supported them in DEAF FOREVER magazine the best I could. And this is the thank you… the band replied they had to spend 300 Euros on beer that weekend on their own (as a 3-piece) and that this is not tolerable. Well good luck on your future shows. I can only advise my fellow festival organizers to stay far away from this disrespectful bunch. […] We always treat our bands extremely well and never had any big problems. But if its only about drinking and not the playing, then you are at the wrong place.

Oliver fick en hel del stöd från följare/vänner på Facebook. Då träder Eternal Champions sångare Jason Tarpey in i facebooktråden.

Jason Tarpey skriver så här:

Sphinx [are the winners]. If anyone in the band is reading this good for you for standing up for yourselves. This post is a pathetic response by a transparent man. He posts to get sympathy which he has gotten from hundreds of his acolytes now. I hope other upcoming bands are inspired by Sphinx to always advocate for yourselves and not let the heavy metal establishment scare you into obscurity, you don’t need them, they need you, you can always book your own gigs.

Oliver svarar Jason så här:

Are you kidding me? Did I rip off Eternal Champion or you someday with the two shows I booked for you here in Germany? Didnt they help you to grow in status for the band? Very dissappointing actually to read this. I always treated you with highest respect, bought all your releases, even the highly expensive ones…oh well….but it seems i am just a pathetic guy to you. Good luck for your future then.

Jason svarar tillbaka:

Oli the way I see it you have two choices when you see something like that, you can let it stoically roll off your back or you can get ahold of the band, agree on a location to meet up that is equidistant from your homes and have a fair fight. Instead you post about it on Facebook in order to use your clout to ruin this band, and judging from your army of simps’ response it’s working to some extent. I think this is pathetic behavior I didn’t call you a pathetic man again I said you are a transparent man.

You haven’t always treated me with respect, you told EC we would play KIT for free, AND that the offer would not be made later down the road once The Armor of Ire was out and we have more bargaining power, basically saying the only chance we will play KIT is if we pay for our own flights and play for free. And this is the cherry on top, we were supposed to pay you a cut of our merch sales. I wouldn’t let you have the merch percentage but you tried to take it. Thanks to the fans we sold out of merch and made our flight money back.

One more thing, I love the hate from all the dinosaurs and industry types, keep it coming


Well I wrote the band before I posted it and only got stupid answers, and I wont let anyone call me names like that. And for EC, I dont think anyone back then would have paid 5 US flight for an opening band. I asked you if you wanna do it and you did it and it was not for your worse I guess. Also when you returned to HAI I paid you a fair fee, I even gave you my original Conan sword to pose on stage with it. Also I heavily promoted your new album with the video on KIT TV etc etc. But well I guess we will go seperate ways then now. Good luck!


you WILL let them call you names like that, they DID call you names like that, and they got away with it. Took home the W to Poland and good for them. It seems like they have more to their story according to the pic […]


Jason Tarpey dont make a fool out of yourself here please. And farewell!!

Bråket fortsätter med att andra personer, bland annat skribenter på bloggen Epic Metal Blog, försöker lugna ned Jason Tarpey, men skiten har vid det laget redan träffat fläkten flera gånger om. Nivån på Jason Tarpeys inlägg, idén om att träffas och slåss om saken, säger liksom allt.

Hur som helst. Jason Tarpey tog sedan till Eternal Champions facebooksida för att förklara sig ytterligare vilket mest handlade om att försvara den lilla mot den stora. Både det inlägget och Olivers inlägg är idag borttagna.

Sammanfattningsvis: Metal är business. En spelning tidigt i karriären är detsamma som en möjlighet till reklam. En bokning av ett stort band är detsamma som pengar till båda parter. Öl kan du köpa i vilken affär som helst och en förhandling är en förhandling.


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