Surprise! Plötsligt släpper dessa band ny musik


Hastigt och lustigt har både Old Man Gloom och Departure Chandelier släppt ny musik.

Departure Chandelier, vars black metal-släpp under förra året var av det utmärkta slaget, har släppt en tidigare ougiven demo, och skriver så här:

Dripping Papal Blood is the secret unreleased second demo, recorded a decade ago in 2010, in the band’s now shuttered ‘the prisoner’s chant…’ studio which rested at ground level across from the oldest cemetery in new york and rumored to be haunted.

Och så amerikanska Old Man Gloom. Bandet skulle släppa ett nytt album 22 maj, Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning. I smyg planerade man också att släppa ytterligare ett album, Seminar IX: Darkness of Being, en vecka innan det officeilla släppet av Seminar VIII. Bara så där. Från en klar himmel. Typsikt Old Man Gloom-humor.

Men sedan kom corona. Och bandet tänkte om, och skrev så här på Facebook:

Well, since a few weeks ago when we made this plan, the world has drastically changed. We’re all confined to our cities, towns, and mostly our homes right now. Most of us can’t make a living, all of us in Gloom included, and we’re all just sitting and waiting for the tides to turn. Last week we spoke together and wondered if we could just send “Darkness of Being” out into the world now, to help bring a little light into this situational seclusion. All of us knew one sticking point could be Profound Lore, because our dear friend Chris is running a label, and not everyone exists like Old Man Gloom, most people have a plan and want to succeed on practical terms. We don’t. We just want to make each other laugh. It should have been very unsurprising that Chris was instantaneously IN for this plan. He’s never said NO to us, he’s been nothing but supportive of our bullshit from day one.

So here it is, truly our gift to you, and the whole world. Please enjoy what we’ve had an amazing time making. These records have taken the simple act of being a band and transcended into a bonding and healing process I never thought music or specifically Old Man Gloom could be. Almost every song has elements of our last two years without Caleb, and even the songs that aren’t directly related to him are embedded with the emotion and struggle for closure and healing that we’re all going to be in for a long time. This pandemic we’re all living through is creating so much distance between all of us. This is our way of bringing us all a little closer.


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