Dragged into Sunlight drar sitt skivbolag till skampålen

Dragged into Sunlight har fått nog av skivbolaget Prosthetic Records efter tio år av samarbete. Eller ”samarbete” – det verkar ha varit en ganska ensidig dialog. På sin facebooksida har bandet öppet gått ut med ganska hård kritik, och en anonymiserad film, och hela grejen sammanfattas så här av bandet:

We expect to be treated fairly and with a bit of respect.

We delivered a record to Prosthetic in May 2019 and were given no feedback, despite the label being forewarned that it was the last record with the label and despite our agreement being a handshake at best.  We were willing to release Terminal Aggressor II with Prosthetic, despite our views of the label and how they opt to treat artists as we simply wanted to leave amicably.

Prosthetic Records gave us no feedback on the music and instead simply demanded more music.  Why? Because they are whoring our hard work for as much money as possible.  It’s not about the money, but it is about the principle.

We raised the issue that we have been paid just £900ish over 10 years and asked the label to account for the funds from over 10,000 records sold in June 2019 – we have heard nothing since, complete silence.  We just want to know what happened to the income from our records, it should not take 6 months to answer.


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