Lords of Chaos – recensionerna trillar in, 6,4 på Imdb

Ur och skur.


Lords of Chaos går just nu att se på iTunes för den som vill det, och filmen har fått ett snittbetyg på hela 6,4 på Imdb (det kan komma att ändras närmaste dagarna).

De som avskyr filmen mest och ger den låga betyg verkar vara de som tycker sig veta exakt hur allting gick till i Norge på 90-talet. De som gillar filmen verkar vara de som mest är ute efter en underhållande film och skiter i, eller har ingen aning om, hur norsk svartmetall formades. Ungefär så.

Här några axplock av användarrecensioner från imdb:

Rory Culkin & Emory Cohen are amazing in the film. I’d never seen Rory in such a central role and he really carried the movie.


Well, the movie was quite entertaining. I can’t deny that. But at the same time, it feels like an attempt to make a parody out of Black Metal and those individuals involved.


It’s a bewildering mish mash of fairly graphic violence and rather poor attempts at comedy, that may work in a Rammstein video clip but falls miserably short here.


Awful inaccurate film. A film for those who don’t like black metal.


The subject deserved a more honest take, or an even more subjective vision. At least it shows how sad these guys were.


I would never condone or idolise the behaviour of the real life characters in this film but as a story this has to be the darkest band story ever. Having seen the documentary a few years ago about this scene, I was completely fascinated. I think this film is a pretty good portrayal of what happened and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


I love all genre of music, Can’t say I’m a huge fan of death/black/speed/grind/etc metal but I do remember hearing about these guys years ago and I admit I did walk in blindfolded only to research the facts afterwards. My humble opinion is, everyone poo poo’ing this movie is an angst person that probably loves the fiction over the fact or visa versa.


This movie was so intense. The reality of it all made it scarier than any horror movie.


Varg was portrayed probably better than he deserved, but so did everyone. Light a few black candles and let the mayhem begin!


I suppose the movie tries to be some kind of growing up story but as such it´s only mediocre and as said, every character in the movie is unlikable with very little redeeming qualities.


If you want to see an American teen movie with romance, sex, American humor and a bit of fake drama then this is for you. If you want to see a serious drama based on tragic events then avoid it like the plague.


Absurd placed humour, graphic scenes and weird editing. You dont get really close to any of the portrayed characters, and the lack of music makes this potenial strong movie film of tragic events even worse. I had really high expectations, and since I live in Bergen I, like many others, all know the story. But this was dissapointing and akward.

The lead took the movie from 1 and up to 2 stars. He acted great.


2 svar to “Lords of Chaos – recensionerna trillar in, 6,4 på Imdb”

  1. Isac Nordgren Jonasson Says:

    6,4 är väl inget vidare snittbetyg?

    • Bara metal Says:

      Nej, en av Sveriges mer kända TV-kanaler lär ha haft en inköpare som ofta gick på imdbs betyg, och var det under 7,3, tror jag det var, så blev det inget inköp. 7,3 är dock ganska högt. I 6,4 ingår mååååånga haters gonna hate som sätter etta utifrån att filmen inte är trve. Sedan är 6,4 ingen sågning.


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