Exklusiv intervju – Spectral Voice: ”…the darkness isn’t around you, but rather within you”

Darkness within.


Listening to Spectral Voice’s Eroded Corridors of Unbeing, one of the best albums of 2017, I get the feeling of being in an endless physical darkness without boundaries. And I like it.

Bara Metal asked Spectral Voice’s Eli Wendler [vocals, drums] if that sensation of darkness is intentional. We also asked about the incident at the Russian border, the brotherhood with Blood Incantiation and singing while drumming. Here’s what he had to say.

– That’s one of the intentions for sure. We tried to create the feeling in the listener that the darkness isn’t around you, but rather within you. Katabatic meditation of outward flowing black projection. As far as the feeling or presence, we usually know when a certain part is missing the essence so to speak, but sometimes it takes longer to figure out the solution.

About your tour – how do you survive a European tour financially – I think you visited 21 countries? 

– We didnt take out loans or anything like that, we just saved up and lived frugally before and during to make it through. We didn’t bring any gear besides guitars and cymbals. Daniel at Killtown provided everything else. He also made the tour itself very comfortable and was able to provide the best accomodations day after day.

I heard that the Russian borderguard decided not to let you enter Russia. What happened? No visas?

– We had visas, proper paperwork and everything. We just got the wrong guard is all. He made up a bunch of excuses but in the end the official reason was that we had too much merchandise. We spent 12 hours at the border, in the freezing rain, and all day the only thing anyone said in English was ”I dont like Americans…” which is understandable for most of the world. Even after that extremely shitty day, we were able to get some last minute shows in Lithuania and Estonia, which were both great.

Rumor has it that Spectral Voice will return to tour Europe again in September 2018. If so – are you releasing new music as well?

– We have a couple things in the works, two splits but I don’t want to make any announcements or promises just in case things don’t pan out. We will definitely be back though.

Regarding the relationship between you and Blood Incantion – you share a lot of musicians. Do you ever feel like competitive, or do you Eli feel left alone with Spectral Voice? Please explain how the two bands handle it.

– Generally both bands have enough stuff going on independently that planning avoids any conflicts of scheduling. We do end up at the same places a lot since one promoter would rather spend one extra ticket to get two bands, which is understandable. As far as the creative aspects, both bands maintain a separate approach and idealogy. Separate influences both audibly and visually. I tend to take the leadership role in Spectral Voice, while Blood Incantation being Paul’s vision.

Speaking about Paul Riedl [guitar in Spectral Voice, vocals/guitar in Blood Incantation]. How come you became the singer in this band, and not Riedl? Did you ever discuss this, you being the drummer.

– In the beginning we shared lyrical duties, but I handled the placement and phrasing, so it developed from there. Now I take care of most of the lyrics as well, so it just made sense to continue.

So what’s the biggest obstacle singing live while drumming? And do you prefer the slower or faster parts for singing live?

– The biggest obstacle is definitely getting the stand to stay in the right position. I don’t really have a preference for fast or slow. My goal every night is to get in a zone where I don’t even have to think about it. A trance like state where it flows through me is the best possible outcome.





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