Lasse Pyykkö i Hooded Menace: ”I never enjoyed growling so I’m more than happy to focus on just guitar”

Nytt album, ny sångare.

Den 26 januari släpper finska Hooded Menace nytt album i form av Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed via Season of Mist. Första singeln är Charnel Reflextions som dryper av ett gitarrsound i stil med spänsten hos My Dying Bride. Det låter faktiskt mycket mer My Dying Bride än vad det tidigare har gjort. Å andra sidan är det en helt okej inspirationskälla.

Bandet har växt med åren. Från två medlemmar till fyra och numer fem. Fullt hus med andra ord. Detta innebär något tämligen drastiskt: Lasse Pyykkö har lämnat ifrån sig sånguppgifterna till en helt ny sångare i form av Harri Kuokkanen. Det innebär i sin tur att den något darriga positionen som sångare nu är helt fylld. Tidigare har Lasse Pyykkö sjungit i studion och olika livesångare har fyllt ut när Hooded Menace har stått på scenen. Lasse säger så här idag till Bara Metal:

– After Oula we had Markus doing live vocals and playing bass. Then Harri joined the band to do vocals live and in the studio. I never enjoyed growling so I’m more than happy to focus on just guitar. Plus, I like Harri’s vocals more than mine, so this is just perfect now.

Bara Metal gjorde en intervju med Lasse Pyykkö om sångarsituationen för exakt fem år sedan. Så här sa han då:

You do the singing in the studio, but not live – how do you feel about that?

– It’s confusing for fans. It kinda sucks but then again it’s better to do gigs with a live vocalist than not doing any gigs at all I suppose. I just don’t feel comfortable with live grunting.

– Originally I was going to play guitar and sing live but soon after a few rehearsals I figured it’s not for me. Not now, maybe never. Recently we got Markus in Sadistik Forest to do live vocals as our original live singer Oula didn’t have enough time for the band. I’m more into the creative side – writing music and recording it. Playing live is secondary.

Actually, that is awesome to hear. It’s mostly the other way around. Keeping to the subject though, are you giving your live singer room for own interpretations or is he held in tight reins?

– The live singer can change things here and there when he needs to. No problem. After all some of the stuff is basically impossible to pull off live. But of course he should follow the original vocal patterns as much as possible.

– Oula has his own tone different from mine and so does Markus but it seems to work out live quite well. Well, actually Markus hasn’t been on stage with us yet. Summon the Dead Madridfest in november will be his first performance in Hooded Menace.




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