Bell Witch släpper album med sång från döde medlemmen Adrian Guerra

Från andra sidan.


Bell Witch släpper bandets tredje fullängdare på fem år. Albumet Mirror Reaper släpps via will Profound Lore 20 oktober, producerat och mixat av Billy Anderson (Swans, Sleep, Neurosis). Hela albumet består av en enda 83 minuter lång låt.

Förra albumet Four Phantoms hamnade på många årslistor 2015, inte minst här i Sverige, så förväntningarna på uppföljaren är höga.

 Så här skriver bandet på sin facebooksida:

 The title “Mirror Reaper” is indicative of the Hermetic axiom ‘As Above, So Below,’ written with two sides to form one whole. The song is both its own and its reflection, as an opposite is whole only with its contrary. Our focus as a band has always been the perception of ghosts and the implied archetype of the dichotomy of life/death therein. “Mirror Reaper” is a continuation of that concept.

During the writing process we were devastated by the loss of our dear friend and former drummer, Adrain Guerra. In love and respect to his memory, we reserved an important yet brief section in the song for him that features unused vocal tracks from our last album. This specific movement serves as a conceptual turn in the piece, or point of reflection. We believe he would be proud of it as well. […] Adrian’s death during [the writing of the album] brought extra emotional weight. We sought to match the complexity and weight of these events within the composition of the piece.

Det sjukt snygga omslaget til Mirror Reaper är skapat av Mariusz Lewandowski.


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