Blood Incantation: ”Ever wondered why most bands don’t hang out with their fans?”

You believe in aliens, right?


I fredags såg jag Blood Incantation live, som headliner till Cruciamentum i Köpenhamn. Efter att ha blivit knockad av hur mycket bättre Colorado-bandet är än vad jag trodde, så letade jag snabbt upp en intervju. Alltså, man blir ju nyfiken, särskilt på ett band som har snack mellan låtarna som bryter mot alla konventioner (det är svårt att citera, men det handlar om typ ”alla här inne tror väl på rymdvarelser” och någonting om att gå tillbaka till vardagslivet efter konserten – hm, låter inte särskilt kul men var mycket bättre när man upplevde det live).

Blood Incantation tillhör den ganska lilla skara band som inte finns på sociala medier. Men inte för att framstå som hemliga och mystiska, utan för de mest nobla av åsikter: 1) Musiken framför allt 2) Misantropi – människan är korkad.

Läs To Metals intervjusvar nedan och lyssna sedan på senaste albumet Starspawn på Spotify.

I mean, on the one hand, we just don’t have time [for social media]. But on the other, we just aren’t interested in that sort of thing. That’s not what metal or the underground are about.

What would any of you modern “music fans” have done before the internet?? Have you ever written an actual letter to a band? I got into music by going to shows, buying stuff based on the art or aesthetic, trading mixes with friends and reading zines, looking at LP inserts and trying to track down what patches I could read from their band photos, reading thanks lists; basically all the normal ways to do this. Nowadays kids can’t even buy a new album from a band they already like unless the internet tells them they can, it’s pathetic. People 1) really seem to think their opinions matter about anything, and 2) somehow let other peoples’ equally useless opinions dictate their own tastes.

If you want to get into our band, it’s very easy: we go on tour, we play festivals, our music is available online, all of our official releases are available on multiple formats, issued in thousands of copies, people rip our shit to Youtube, everybody’s trading download cards, whatever else. Our merch is available at the shows, as well as directly from our label, who has a huge social media presence. Anytime there’s an update about tour, recordings, merch, or anything it is posted by our record label’s multiple social media channels – so what else do you need?? Really people just love to complain. They want to think they’re involved and make all these weird comments and message you about shit that’s easily answerable without bothering anybody, but they still ask.

If you ever wonder why most bands don’t hang out with their fans, it’s because most people on earth (and subsequently, most metalheads) are so retarded that frozen pizza boxes actually have to tell you not to put the cardboard box in the oven – they literally need to be told that the plastic wrap needs to be removed before cooking. These are the people out there having kids, man.

Additionally, the internet metal scene is total bullshit, dude, just fake and impersonal bullshit – these people are either haters, nerds or PUNISHERS. They just want to nerd off all over your shit, brag about useless materialism, nit-picking every little thing about your past and really just doing their best to take the fun of out this for anybody who’s actually in a band. Maybe it’s because these people have never been PUNISHED by their fellow nerds. Maybe they think it’s fun or interesting to be hounded by awkward dudes making bad jokes and trying to out-kvlt each other while complaining about your band’s style but still asking you to sign something – it is PUNISHMENT!!! So we leave them alone. If you want to hang out, come to the show. If you really need to talk to us, write us a letter. But basically just listen to the records and enjoy the riffs, it’s not about “us” it’s about the Riff!!!!!



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