Short interview – Necrowretch: ”Do you see the Devil?”


Franska Necrowretch har släppt ett bra album i Satanic Slavery – väl värt din tid. Bandet har dessutom ändrat sin logga, från den ni ser nederst till den ni ser högst upp. Varför? Bara Metal undrade, och Necrowretch svarade.

How come you changed your logo to a new one?

–With the change of label, new line up and new album we thought it was the correct moment to update the logo, the new logo is still very close to the old one but in a more powerful version which will serve us better in the future.

Was it an easy decision?

– Logos is a very important thing for every metalhead, to easily identify a band and what kind of metal its practise. Changing our logo after almost ten years was not an easy decision, but we’ve managed to do it without losing the identity of the previous one.

I now look at your logo as sort of a rorschach-test for the criminally insane – is that deliberate?  

– Maybe it is. Do you see the Devil?

Even the whole new album design is sort of mirrored, left side and right side. What did you order when it came to the cover design? And who is the artist?

– The artwork was done by the great Nekronikon from Chile, he crafted exactly what we expected in order to describe the Necrowretch universe. It’s very important that you can directly identify the music when looking at the artwork. You have to think ”if the music is as infernal as this artwork, then I need this album.”


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