Regain Records är tillbaka


Per Gyllenbäck, som driver Regain Records (och som en gång i tiden sjöng i Deranged), har gått ut med följande meddelande:

Wow, the years pass by so fast. It feels like I was just going to fetch myself a cup of coffee and there you go, 5-6 years pass by in the blink of an eye. Well, we never really closed down the label even if it might seem so. There are things in life which we sometimes can not control such as life changing events and sickness. Of course there’s more to the story than this, but instead of making a long and very personal statement which nobody wants to read anyway, I settle with this short statement instead. I just want to say that, as the true parton of the arts we are, we will continue serving you with quality music instead of quantity and music with impact!!!

There are tons of stuff going on, a lot of interesting co-operations and joint ventures with artists as well as other labels. Keep your eyes open since news will be posted here on a regular basis. New website is currently in the making aswell, still under construction.

Regain Records är alltså tillbaka. Tidigare hade skivbolaget band som Marduk, Mustasch, Dark Funeral och Overkill. Och till och med In Flames.

3 svar to “Regain Records är tillbaka”

  1. galacticmutilator Says:

    Najs! Då hoppas vi på lite nypressar av Unanimateds andra platta och Naglfars Vittra. Köpte aldrig dem när det begav sig och nu kostar de fläsk.


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