Du måste höra den här låten med Anaal Nathrakh!

Extra allt.


Anaal Nathrakh har släppt nytt album, och att döma av Internet är detta ett album du ska höra. Och jag kan inte mycket annat än hålla med. Särskilt sedan jag tappade hakan när jag hörde den här låten: Extravaganza. Helt makalös! Och vad säger King Diamond om wailandet?

Följande har i alla fall sångaren Dave Hunt att säga om låten:

It’s about the normalisation of murderous violence, the sanitisation of death. The primary way that appears in the lyrics is via executions, but it’s meant to exemplify a more general phenomenon. I suppose it’s of a piece with the famous quote that the death of millions is a statistic. Or the impression you might get from the news, even if you’re someone who pays close attention to the world, compared to listening to Dr. David Nott talking to Eddie Mair on the radio.

And in executions, I think the level of sanitisation is quite extreme. Hence the terms used in the verses – the drop, the shock, the state-sanctioned shank and so on, they’re intended to ape the euphemisms we hear all the time. And in sanitising killing, the powers that be shield us from the brutality of reality. That’s where the wailing parts fit in – ‘Hiding behind daddy dear, don’t peek with your sad little eyes’. It’s intentionally made to sound a bit like a child’s nightmare, just as we are infantilised and allowed to be blasé by the things the song deals with. It’s all sometimes presented almost as entertainment, with people talking in terms which suggest a level of ethical concern roughly appropriate to a video game. That’s where the title comes from, and why the ‘ringmaster’ lines are there – ‘Take your seats, one and all! The show’s about to start…’



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