Exclusive interview – Uada: ”I’ve lived in a few haunted places including an old abandoned church”

Uada is Latin for haunted.”


Utan tvivel har Uada släppt ett av årets bästa album. Bara Metal var tvungen att veta mer om svartmetallbandet. Jake Superchi [sång, gitarr] står för svaren.

Being a band in Portland, or outside the city, what has that brought to Uada, musically or aesthetically?

– The Pacific Northwest in general is a very diverse place. From the people to the culture as well as the landscapes and the weather, it’s all very unique compared to the rest of this country. It is a very inspiring place to be, and all the elements effect our current moods. Those moods are transformed into song and art, so you could say everything is effected by our surroundings. Most of the year our atmosphere here is a very grey and rainy state. There is a certain somber to the backdrop and I believe that is heard in our music.

You might have seen this yourself – some of the social media users are posting comments like ”MGLA is that you?” or anything else claiming that you are inspired by Mgla. Do you think the comparison is fair, and what is you comment to these people?

– It seems most just latched onto this idea because of the similarities in look, which is interesting because so many bands out there are wearing hoods these days. I wear a hood 3/4 of the year because it rains so much here, so it was natural really. I feel what Uada is doing is much different musically. There are many elements that we have that I don’t see in Mgla. Just to name a few we have a much more diverse vocal range, harmonizing guitars, solos and more upbeat variations. This far we have only shown the world five songs, we have much more and in time I think it will show that we are a very different band.

– There have been many other comparisons as well, none we view as negative. Being a new group, everyone will have to compare us to someone else because that is all they have to go off of. That is how we all describe other bands, by comparing it to another band. I enjoy what Mgla does, so maybe this is a compliment of sorts? It doesn’t matter though, this is just the beginning for us.

Playing in so many other bands, according to metal Archives, why did these songs not go to any of the other bands you are in? Why a new project?

– These riffs were written and created for this project. I have a lot of other riffs, songs and creations just sitting. I could have used a lot of past ideas, but moving forward with a new project it had to be completely new material. This is now, not then. As soon as I chose to begin a new project, I started writing… it all poured out and there is so much more to get to.

There are five great songs on this album. But in choosing between five songs, Devoid of light became the song to the video. Why that particular song? 

– There were many reasons really, mostly because it felt like a song that represented us well. While the song is on the shorter side it also transitions between various styles. It felt like a broad enough range from each musician and instrument to showcase the diversity of our craft. This was also the fist song we wrote… so it just made sense.

By the way, what forest do we see in the video?

– The forests you see in the video our just north of my home in South West Washington State. They are close to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, but not quite apart of them. We’ve been spending some time up in those areas lately though and I am sure we’ll be showing the world what we’ve been doing up there soon.

The vocals are incredible – especially the angst in the middle of Devoid of Light. No holding back, how did you approach and achieve the vocals?

– I take a lot of pride in my vocals. I use them as an instrument in itself and without restraint. The vocals are always pushed with as much force as possible. I’ve never been a fan of a vocalist on stage or a recording making the sound they want to achieve without power. For me that negates the emotion and heart that a vocalist should be feeling. There is no ”going through the motions”, this is pain, anger, hate, hope, fight, determination, heart, soul among so many other things. If it isn’t coming from the depths then it isn’t real to me.

What is the biggest obstacle for Uada right now?

– Time. Right now we all work jobs and only have one day a week to work together on music. Of course we all practice, rehearse and write on our own. We’re all becoming more efficient in all ways but we hope there will be a day when we are able to strictly just work on music.

How did you get Peter Beste to shoot the photos, isn’t he like, as expensive as recording in a studio?

– We were very fortunate to work with Peter Beste. He had just moved to Portland & had heard what we were doing. He told me personally that once he heard it he just had a feeling. He just knew that he had to do our shoot. It is much like when I knew I had to start the band. There is a certain something in the air I suppose.

– We recently just did a second photo shoot with him, just a few days ago.
I read in a german interview that you have made “certain experiences with the supernatural”, and that is one of the reasons you named this “uada” [haunted] – please explain. Give us the supernatural story, please.

– There are so many stories, I often joke about writing a book one day. I’ve just had many different experiences with what I would categorize as supernatural. I’ve lived in a few haunted places including an old abandoned church at one point. I’ve also seen a few things that I don’t know if they would be categorized as supernatural, but are definitely not from this world. At least this world as we know it.

– ”Haunted” however does have multiple meanings. It isn’t just in the sense of seeing something or someone who is no longer apart of our physical world. We can also be haunted by our own mind, fear, and past among many other things. We are all haunted by something.

Is it true that you did not make any demo what so ever? How did you approach the record company Eisenwald? And how did you manage to create such a fuzz with only the debut album?

– Everyone in the band has been long time involved in the arts. I felt it was important to not make a demo. For me it felt like going backwards. Again time is the obstacle & wasting it is something we have no intentions of.

– We didn’t send anything to any labels until the album was completed to our satisfaction. When we wrote Eisenwald, we received an almost immediate response with a sort of ”I’ve been waiting” message. We were kindly referred to Eisenwald from photographer Veleda Thorsson, who is good friends with the label head. In my opinion I think the album has made such an impact because of it’s honesty. There are no gimmicks or proclamations, just the art as we create it.



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