Nya döskallar från Skeletonwitch: ”Who doesn’t love a good skull?!”

I want your skulls / I need your skulls / I want your skulls / I need your skulls


Skeletonwitch har släppt nytt album, och i vanlig ordning är det en döskalle på omslaget – och väldigt bra metal. Det mest nya är att bandet har bytt sångare, från Chance Garnette till Adam Clemans.

Med anledning av att The Aphotic Gloom (översätts typ till Det Mörka mörkret vilket är en fantastisk titel!) har släppts återpublicerar Bara Metal idag en intervju med gitarristen Scott Hedrick, som går igenom bandet fascination för döskallar. Vill du höra nytt, dra igång videon ovan eller stick vidare till Spotify.

What is it with Skeletonwitch and skulls on the cover – what does the skull mean to you?

– Who doesn’t love a good skull?! On a literal level, of course, a skull represents ”death.” Which, by the way is a great band and great sub-genre of metal, arguably perfected by you Swedes.

– We could get existential and talk about the impermanence of man, the impending doom of the human race, or even the comforting fact that we’re all eventually going to meet our end.

– There’s also the historical ritualistic use of skulls in various belief systems… but when we really get down to it… what is more fucking metal than a skull? I mean, c’mon! What’s that? A skull literally made of METAL?! You just blew my mind!

– There’s also some midwestern, Ohio, pride in using deer skulls in our artwork.

Do you order all the cover artists that your cover must contain a skull? How did that start?

– The first half of our name is ”Skeleton” so it sort of goes without saying.

– Since our first release, At One with the Shadows, we’ve had a mascot. Much like Vic Rattlehead, Maiden’s Eddie, or Riot’s Johnny the harp seal. We’ve always called our guy Skeleton Mitch.

So, when will we see a Skeletonwitch album cover without a skull?

– You most likely will not. Our mascot contains a skull.

Besides your album covers – which cover containing skulls are the coolest?

– Sure. Two of the most classic are the Mifists’ Crimson Ghost and the Danzig skull. Think about that for a second. Two of the most instantly recognizable skulls come from the same guy. Very impressive!

– Mercyful Fate also has some solid skullage. Sepultura’s Beneath the Remains has a great skull. Occasionally Thee Michelle Gun Elephant throws in a good skull. Overkill and Megadeth have solid skull logos. There’s the classic GNR skull head artwork on the cross. Cypress Hill once had a skull with a pot leaf on one of their album covers… so there’s that.



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