Bhleg förblir ett band du bara kan lyssna på – ställer in spelning


Göteborgsbaserade black metal-duon Bhleg, som släppte ett album tillräckligt sent under 2014 för att de flesta årsbästalistor skulle missa det, har nyligen uppdaterat sin facebooksida med en ganska skön grej.

A couple of months ago we decided to cancel our trip to Germany and play at the Hell over Hamburg festival in mars next year. We had put together an excellent line-up with great musicians for our planned gig, but we, the duo of Bhleg wanted to stay with our idea not to play live.
It doesn’t feel like right thing to do at the moment and we want to continue to focus on whats important for us. And rehearsal etc. we feel is not.

Dessutom är ny musik på gång. Men det dröjer:

This summer we have traveled and gathered inspiration and a lot of material has been written. The last few months I have recorded demos of that material and I feel it´s getting closer to what we want to express with our next album.
”Unfortunately”, it will take us, at least one more summer to do all the recordings, and maybe to write all the lyrics, the poems of Bhleg as well. It is indeed a time consuming album to write.
But as usual, we do not want to rush anything.

Tills dess. Debutalbumet Draumr Ást finns på Spotify.



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