Exclusive interview – Deathbreed: ”If they all were real, we wouldn’t need our day jobs”

Here at Bara Metal, we certainly like the new album of swedish Deathbreed, called New World Order. It has a modern twist to tech death metal, and the title song New World Order is right now on the ”Top Metal Tracks List” on Spotify – so Bara Metal is not the only one enjoying this band.

In order to know more about Deathbreed, the blog asked the toughest questions possible and Samuel Englund [vocals, guitars] boldly gave us the answers.

Three of your songs are cut short on Spotify – why?!

– That is most unfortunate! It’s essentially a bug that happened sometime during uploading to all the digital platforms.

Catastrophe! What will you do about it?

– We found out as soon as it was released, fans sent messages and we ourselves saw and heard it right away. We contacted our label and Spotify right away to have it fixed and they are working on it.

But is it not something that ought to be fixed right away, since the most listeners look you up when they read the reviews and interviews?

– Most certainly! It is really a shame that it have happened and we hope it will be fixed as soon as possible, and we think it should have by now.

My favourite song happens to be In the Name of Democracy. Awesome! Please tell us how that song came about!

– Musically, it came into being when Ted [guitars] brought the intro-riff to the rehearsal and just blew us all away. Then each riff after that was either brought to the rehearsal space by Ted or worked on in the rehearsal space. The chords and solo during the outro was written by Gottfrid Norberg Waxin and that too just blew us all away.

– For me, as the singer and just having written Naví a very esotherical track, I wanted to write a song that was just straight forward in its message, no fancy elaboration or esotherical stuff and that brought about the most straightforward song on the album.

The new world order – what is it really about, this new order?

– The new order, it’s about the big brother society that the western world is moving towards with mass surveillance and more and more inhibited freedom of speech. We live our lives on the internet where we thought we where safe to do anything we wanted, be anyone we wanted, say anything we wanted -for good or bad – though that is not the case anymore. In fact it’s the opposite. For example, Noone but yourself may read and open your physical mail, though your e-mail is being monitored and read.

– It is very inspired by the things brought into the light a few years ago by whistleblowers like Snowden.

This is something I wonder about sometimes. The amount of ”likes” on Facebook vs. real fans. You have around 50 000 ”likes” on Facebook, that is a lot! Does this show when you play concerts, tour and sell shrts? Or what does that mean to you, that number? 

– Yeah if they all were real, we wouldn’t need our day jobs, haha! No there are a lot of fakes amongst those numbers unfortunatly. We haven’t bought any likes, wouldn’t dream of it, though a lot of the fakes seem to like a bunch of pages to seem real when they are created.

– We do have a lot of real fans and for their support we are really greatful, I can’t stress that enough!

– Another extremely annoying thing about the fakes is that when we do write something on Facebook, the reach is extremly small so it is very hard to reach those real ones.

– We haven’t been out on the road for a while and we don’t have any t-shirts for sale other than on live shows so we can’t really tell if it would show, though a lot of fans have messaged us to let us know what they think of the album and the track New World Order is currently on the ”Top Metal Tracks List” on Spotify. Yet again, thank you guys and gals!


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