Graves trummis i koma i fyra veckor – nu på väg tillbaka

Grave, som nyligen turnerade med At the Gates genom Sverige, har precis släppt den här chockande nyheten på Facebook:

As you might have noticed we haven’t been very active lately.

This is why:
Our beloved friend and drummer Ronnie collapsed a few days after christmas last year.
He was in a coma for about 4 weeks and things were not looking good.

Ronnie is not in a coma anymore and things are looking very good and he has started to work his way back to his normal life again.

Due to this incident we have decided to cancel all booked shows and will not book anything until further notice.
All that matters now is Ronnies health and rehabilitation.

We love you brother
//Ola, Mika and Tobias.


Alla tankar till Ronnie, med hopp om att han kommer tillbaka helt och hållet!




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