Warfect: ”If it’s good enough for the king…”

När kungen själv får välja?

Bara Metal har kikat in hos utmärkta thrasharna i Warfect för att te reda på vad som händer just nu.

On the 28th of november you wrote on Facebook ”…” – what has happened since then? Two months has passed.

– We are currently finishing up the songs for the new album. It’s gonna kick some serious ass! Next thing coming up is vocals arrangements as well as putting on the final touches on the songs.

When can we expect to hear new music and when approximately will the album be released?

– We hope for a 2015 release but can’t say any date for now since it’s not yet recorded and it’s also dependant on the labels release cycle. We will preview a few seconds from a song shortly.

Warfect – is that a warrior’s play of words for something that is perfect – or what..?

– Well, it’s actually a play of words. We wanted a name that didn’t exist and we knew we wanted the word ”war” to be part of the name. If I recall correctly the ”fect” part comes from the word ”effect”. Like the effects of war.

Your webpage says ”purveyor to the court” – what does that mean? That you are royalists?

– Certain products in Scandinavia are labeled that way and I guess it’s a marketing thing. If it’s good enough for the king, it’s fucking good enough for me!

Finally – name four other, new, thrash metal bands in Europe that we should not miss, please!

– You have to check out our fellow Uddevalla thrash metal brothers Vornth! Also Nekromantheon from Norway is crushing. Lots of good stuff is coming out of Greece and Exarsis is a good example. Anitchrist from Sweden is not to be over-looked.



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