Exclusive interview – Sectu: ”… a brutal version of Rolling Stones is totally uninteresting”

Sectu with a twist.


Nefarious. One of the best death metal abums of 2014. Muddy brown to its colour. And more twisted than catchy. Or is it? Stefan Lundgren of Sectu answers Bara Metal’s questions.

Basically – what is the difference between Gerra [2012] and Nefarious? What new directions have you taken? What is more? …and what is less?

– I find Nefarious more hard to digest as a listener. Now the album have been done for nine months and a few days ago I listened to it from top to bottom and it felt like I listened to it objectively for the first time, and it sure has some harmonies that are a little bit out there and some of the song structures are a bit interesting… and slightly more heavy parts. Gerra also had quite complex harmonic structure, but not throughout in the same way as Nefarious.

– I guess that someone who has followed us through the development of the band can see what direction we’re heading towards. My view on it is that we started out rather standard death metal and some kind of development can be seen towards more experimental music. We’ve broaden the influences quite a bit and the material we try out during rehearsals are continuing that path, no clear vision about how our upcoming record will sound like yet, but we are figuring it out.

Bara Metal put you on its best-of-list for 2014. Well deserved. How has the receiving been for Nefarious otherwise? In proportion or too little attention?

– It is very much appreciated to be considered as one of the best-of for 2014. I think the attention for Nefarious is a little bigger than previous albums, and the good feedback we’ve gotten is in my opinion more striking than before, so it seems the ones who really listened to the album got into it deeper than before.

a0026003859_2In our last interview, we talked about the colours of the album covers – blue for Inundate, red for Gerra. You were joking that your next album would be sort of poo poo brown. And voila! What made you stick to dark brown? Anything to do with Tenebrous and darkness?

– It was intentional to take the sound and music more down into a muddier and earthbound sound this time, and instantly after Gerra we started to plan the upcoming album and decided it to have a much more dirty sound. As now, even before the old album came out we started to brief new ideas and concepts, so it wasn’t unintentional, we knew it beforehand, but this time I can’t give you any color for the upcoming album, but maybe elements of blue, yellow and red?

I know you are quite against cathcy riffs, but the intro to Fiery Initiator is among the coolest riffs I’ve heard in 2014. Did you make an exception for that one? And please develop about your avoiding cathcy riffs!

– I don’t know if that is what I meant, I have a groove-filter, of course our music can be groovy, but I´m strongly against Sectu to have this rock’n roll sound loads of death metal-acts like to incorporate in their music. A touch of the punk-air that Slayer and Morbid Angel have sometimes is wonderful, but to have it sound as a brutal version of Rolling Stones is totally uninteresting. I think we have a few catchy riffs every now and then and regarding the opening riff in Fiery Initiator, I think it is very strong as well. But is it really catchy? I think the chorus in the same song is more catchy.

 Instead of cathiness, I often find ”twistedness” something that could describe your music (even when I read other people’s reviews). How do you feel about that label?

– I think that is accurate to describe our music in that way, we use the word ”skew” as a measure of quality, but not entirely as twisted harmonies are more notable in an harmonic concept.

My favourite song happens to be the third song, Perpetual Spectre – how did that song form into what it is?

– The song is intended to give the feeling of eternity and the vast space of time in the traction of harmonies and structure, the chords used are both hollow and have a cluster-feeling the same time, and the irregular periods in the verses accentuate that in my opinion. The song was created really fast actually, small adjustments were made before the recording but it sounded almost the same in the demo-version I made. Anders solo in the song is amazing, as all the leads on the album.

The heavy, anxiuos breathing in Usurper – how did that come about? Is it explained in the lyrics in any way?

– The lyrics was written after the song was completely done by the good friend of ours, Johan from CB Murdoc. He helped out with some vocal-arrangements and I thought the song was hard to incorporate with the lyrical sketches I had for it so he helped us out. So no, it is not explained in the lyrics but in the music.


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