Want to blow your mind again?! The greatest 80’s metal list of Amulet’s Dave Sherwood on Drums: The best EPs and demos

History lesson. Part II.


Just days ago British Amulet released its anticipated debut on Century Media, logically called The First. Find the band on line here.

The bandmembers like their music simple, raw and charming. Just like the bands they listen to. In drummer Dave Sherwood’s on words: “I often find that a lot of obscure bands after the mid 80’s lack passion  and drive. In my opinion, heavy metal and hard rock was at that time starting to become a more technical format and record production developed into something a lot more plastic.

For the readers of Bara Metal, he has has chosen some of his favourite metal releases of the early 80’s and added his motivations for each of them.

If you like this, do not miss out on part I. This is part II:


Breaker (CAN) – In Days of Heavy Metal (1982)

There was a lot of great DIY HM bands in Canada, Breaker were by far one of the best. This EP covers all elements of what makes a true heavy metal record. Melody, agression, simple riffs with show-off solos and Dianno-styled vocals. Every track on this is brilliant. Probably one of my most played EP’s.

H Bomb (FRA) – Coup de Metal (1983)

H Bomb are one of the most talked about French groups. Not only did they last longer than most, but because their sound is far different to their peers. Whilst every other french HM band had melodic intentions, H Bomb were more inline with Motorhead and Tank. This EP is full attack all the way. A total assault to the ears.

Gotham City (SWE) – Black Writs (1983)

Gotham City really are the ‘Monsters of Rock’. There is not one weak song by Gotham City and this EP is one of the strongest metal releases to come out in 1983. Unpolished perfection at its finest. This is pure music for genuine metal fans. They weren’t going for anything fancy here, and thank fuck for that.

Traitors Gate (UK) – Devil Takes the High Road (1985)

There are no doubts or faults at all to this fantastic EP. The self-titled song ‘Devil Takes the High Road’ is just an unbeatable classic and the other songs are just as strong. It is such a shame that these guys didn’t continue. Absolutley amazing music.


Random Black (UK) (1981)

This is perhaps one of the most in-your-face heavy metal demos of all time. In particular the track ‘Witch Doctor’. Random Black were far more aggressive in comparison to most other British acts of the early 80s. Something which unfortunately may have been a reason for their downfall. They were ahead of their game. A true hidden gem.

Sortilege (FRA) (1982)

Every underground metal fan knows Sortilege. But this demo of their first record is by far cooler. Great production and energy. That’s not to say the album isn’t amazing; the demo just feels really special. There is even some old promo video of the demo version of ‘Sortilege’ where they are performing on a train carriage in Paris. It’s fucking brilliant.

Sanctus (UK) – Thy Disciples (1982)

Sanctus are a band that were born out of the breakup of another London band, ‘Marquis de Sade’. Keyboard based heavy rock songs with English vibes and Gothic undertones. Perhaps not the easiest band to listen to at a party but great when you’re on your own rocking out in the bedroom.

Neptune (SWE) (1984/5)

Amazing music. These guys should have been huge. The track ‘Land of Northern’ is full of so much passion and makes me feel as if I was Swedish. Apart from Heavy Load, Jonah Quizz and Gotham City, Neptune are one of the best heavy metal acts from Sweden.

Pacemaker (FRA) (1985)

This is a totally insane speed metal band. Definitely one of the fastest bands in the world by this point. Extremely high vocals, think ‘Agent Steel on 45rpm’. They still have room for a ballad, too. No shits given. French bands have a tendency for really high vocals, I mean like higher than high. This is one of those.

Nightkiller (FRA) (1986)

I’m really not surprised that this band didn’t really make it anywhere, to be honest. However the ridiculous long and hilarious drum introduction to the song ‘Police’ is worth listening to alone. It’s actually a really catchy, punk-influenced song. Yelling vocals and Motörhead styled charisma.

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