Anaal Nathrakh lockar med nytt låtsläpp

To cut it short – Anaal Nathrakh har släppt ytterligare lite godis för att locka in er i deras bil. Klicka er vidare till Monstrum in Animo genom denna länk. Det är inte min favorit på skivan – det finns ännu bättre låtar.

Bonus – lyssnar ni noga kan ni höra att deras fabläs för borrar fortfarande gäller:

– Ah yes, we like to include ’found sound’, plus I do a lot of background stuff with strange noises and so on. A lot of things which sound like samples or sound effects are really me, whether they sound like vocal samples or just weird sounds.

– The part you’re referring to is actually someone carving glass, which I found when I was out and about in America when I was over at Mick’s for the recording. We’re always coming across things we think sound amazing and get excited about, other people probably think we’re a bit strange, but that’s just how we are.

– While we were away a week or so ago I actually found a few recordings of various things on my computer and played them to Mick. A couple of them I had no idea where they’d come from and Mick said ’are you sure you didn’t actually go to hell?’.


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