Exclusive interview – Goatwhore: ”Imagine a tank rolling over a valley of dead bones”

Mer Goatwhore till folket.


We need to know more about Goatwhore. Åtminstone här i Sverige. It is a great band only getting better and better, check out their latest album Constricting Rage of the Merciless for evidence.

Bara Metal asked the merciless questions. Drummer Zack Simmons answered with rage:
I think I’ve read that you used two-inch tapes for this record – but in all honesty I cannot tell the difference when I hear the sound. Why is it, despite that, worth the extra job for you?

– We wanted to achieve a more natural, less digital sound with this record. Recording analog captured a very raw vibe of the band that is very evident in our live presentation. It was a lot of extra work for everyone involved but it was well worth it in the end result. As a musician, it requires you to be at the top of your game since there is little room for error.

Erik Rutan has once again done a great job – but do you ever consider or discuss hiring another producer? 

– We never really discussed working with someone else. We’ve always had a great working relationship with Erik and have always strived to improve upon things with each record, which I think we’ve achieved. We are both totally on the same page so if it’s not broke, why fix it?

Cold earth consumed in dying flesh is my favourite one. For starters – how did that beatiful and mezmerising intro come about?

– The introduction to that song was something that Sammy had been working on for a while. He had the basic idea down before we went in to record but took it to another level when he started layering different melodies and effects during tracking. I think it really sets the mood for the second half of he record and offers a bit of a break from the onslaught of heavy.

The song is slow and crushing. Tell us how it came about!

– Ben, our singer, came up with Goatwhore concept of a really slow, dragging heavy song because it’s something we’ve never really tried and he thought it would be unique. He said to imagine a tank rolling over a valley of dead bones. From there, Sammy and I put together the soundtrack to that mental image. It came together very quickly as some of our best songs do.

Moving on. This is your sixth album and it is not only me who praise this as you best album. In comparsion to once great bands like for instance Metallica (and many others), their sixth album was downhill musicwise. You are stil on your way up. Explain, please!

412369– I think for us, it’s something we get better at the more we do it. Especially since this lineup has been together for a while now, we’ve all sort of gelled and are comfortable with the scenario. Sammy has a never ending stockpile of riffs so it’s all a matter of finding time to put them together to come up with something cohesive. We genuinely enjoy playing this music together and I guess it shows in the end result. It’s a passion and definitely not a job.

What is the very last important thing you did songwise to Constricting… before you felt that – ”We are done, it is complete?” Any last ideas you came up with in the studio during recording?

– I believe the last song we wrote before recording was Reanimated Sacrifice which is track four. We started writing another song but it wasn’t finished in time. By the time we entered Rutan’s studio, everything was in place and set in stone as far as arrangements go. I might have changed some minor drum parts or fills but the songs were finalized and not much different than the demo versions, structurally.

Schadenfreude, that is something I can relate to. Very human and sort of an everyday feeling. But a lot of the other titles seem to relate to more philosophical dark metal subjects, like Heaven’s crumbling wall of pity. Or Nocturnal conjuration of the Accursed – what does those mean? …and why do you mix subjects like this?

– All of the titles and lyrical themes come from Ben. He definitely has a way with words and a way of conveying evil ideas in different ways than your standard, cliche metal lyrics. They definitely are open to interpretation. Except for a song like FBS. I’m sure we all know what that one is about!

Okay, moving on. I have no idea how your name came about. Goatwhore? Would you care to explain even for us swedish fans?

– I could answer this question in my sleep at this point!

Yes, sorry for repeating a stupid never-ending-question.

– The name comes from an encounter with an unattractive stripper that Sammy and some other guys were hanging out with at a strip club. Also, it’s inspired by a story that involves Aleister Crowley’s wife having sex with a goat. Makes sense, right?

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