Exclusive interview – Bölzer: ”Lightning represents exactly what our name is meant to evoke”

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Det tog ett tag innan jag upptäckte Bölzer. Debutalbumet Aura släpptes i våras på Iron Bonehead, och musiken har jag redan beskrivit här. Kort sammanfattning? Svinbra! Det ena liksom ledde till det andra, och nu kan Bara Metal presentera en intervju med bandet. Sångaren och gitarristen KzR svarade, och lämnade inga frågor besvikna.

Grim Kim of MetalSucks praised you this summer, so has many other blogs – have you noticed the attention you are getting since your album debut Aura?

– Yes. We are continually overwhelmed by the incredible support we have been receiving, especially since the release of our EP Aura. We honestly did not expect things to pick up as rapidly as they have and we are extremely grateful for all of the exciting gig opportunities we are getting.

About Aura. It is an EP, a brilliant EP, but why did you choose to release only three songs? Why not wait until you have a full album? …or include the Roman Acupuncture-demo you made 2012?

– Thank you. Because it was decided to release the songs we had accumulated during and after the demo period in a form befitting their atmosphere. I arranged a few songs according to their lyrical themes and we conceptualized the Aura and the coming Soma EPs.

– We also realized that the general vibe of the new material was changing so it would be preferable to have a fresh canvas for the full length.

– We are very particular with aesthetic and we put a lot of effort into how our music is presented, this is why we would not include demo tracks on a new release et cetera. It just does not look or feel right. Everything has it’s time and place as far as we are concerned.

So, where are you in the process right now, and when can we expect new music?

– We are about to conclude recording of the Soma EP which will then be mastered and should expect to see daylight around January 2014. Otherwise we are also about to track a song for the upcoming Monomaniac release which we are very pleased to be in on.

– As I mentioned a full length is quite some time away but I will say it is going to be quite album judging by the way the new songs are developing.

BölzerYou play metal that seemlingly does not bend for anything, yet is pretty damn addictive. How do you look upon music? How do you create that atmosphere of Bölzer?

– Bölzer is the result of a lot of mental/emotional toil. My songwriting process involves transposing my feelings into riff form whilst maintaining their sincerity. I try to write riffs which I would want to hear from a band. Something that moves me. Inevitably this can take some time, that is why we are not as prolific as other bands in pumping out material.

– Again, of importance is the general presentation of the songs. Structure and balance is something I really focus on when writing. The lyrics are also always written to the music, I don’t like pasting a text over a set of riffs which have been conceptualized independent of one another.

I’ve noticed that people raise an eye brow when they hear that you are from Switzerland. But in a time where Internet has made it as easy to find metal bands from your neighbour village to Malaysia, Israel and Indonesia – how much local do you feel? Are you a swiss band?

– Well yes we are proud to represent a scene which has admittedly suffered a dwindling reputation as of late. There are not as many active bands here so we are very honored to be able to play internationally as a swiss group. That said I also have strong bonds to New Zealand where I grew up so I definitely have my feet planted in more than one place.

You are a duo – will it stay that way?

– Yes that will never change.


– The entire philosophy of Bölzer has been built on the duality shared between HzR and myself and it would not work any other way. Also we enjoy the challenges a duo formation presents us with. It obviously involves a lot of work which is something we find satisfying.

– The brutal honesty a duo can have, especially in a live setting is something I am very fascinated with anyway, a constellation which is ultimately very well suited to our style of death metal.

How do you solve it live then?

– All the material is written with the live scenario in mind, with a lot of emphasis being put on the way HzR’s beats interact with my riffs. A song will not make it out of the studio without it being fit for action. Our live set-up is actually quite spartan or at least I try to keep it as rudimentary as possible. I run my guitar through two guitar amps and one bass rig simultaneously which gives us a full sound.

Has there ever been more people than you and HzR?

– At our inception we tried out a number of bass players but nothing felt right. This is when we decided to remain a duo.

Lightning, bolts, the Z in Bölzer, the Z between your names, the tattoos seen on the promo image – What does lightning mean for Bölzer? Please explain!

– Lightning represents exactly what our name is meant to evoke. It is the strike of change. The invincibility of primordial forces. A blow of conscience. Chaos. The ensuing balance or growth being of equal importance.

That logo of yours is really cool and clever, I notice that it is almost the same thing up side down – How was it developed? And by who?

– Thank you! Yes I designed it with symmetry in mind. I wanted to capture the organic fluidity of the runic form and the vivid presence of a lightning bolt in type. It is the fruit of some serious brainstorming but I think it is very effective.

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