Iron Dogs explains the new album cover with the nude sword heroine

You need to know.


Jo Capitalcide in Canadian heavy metal band Iron Dogs has been kind enough to answer Bara Metals straight forward question: How did the new album cover come about? His answer is as straight forward.

– Admittedly the cover to Free And Wild is similar to Cold Bitch. The cover represents the triumph of the will. The drive to fight to survive against all odds. It’s represented allegorically in a Frazetta or Heavy Metal Magazine style. You see one warrior alone against the world, bloodied yet victorious. You can’t help to think that the battle may have been won, but that the war is far from over.

– Life is a constant struggle to be free and wild. Some people might be put off by the nudity, but they obviously fail to see that she’s the one in a position of power. She is the one who has assumed control over her own life.

You are totally devoted to photographs?

– I like the idea of using photography as it has more impact then a drawing. The model’s name is Brandy Petrie. Eric Simoneau singer of thrash band Regret lent us the viking sword. I can’t say where the heads where taken from.

Where is it taken?

– The picture was taken in a strange rock formation next to a quarry on the side of the highway near Cantley, Quebec. It’s near where we’re from, Ottawa.

iron dogs - front cover-large


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