Exclusive interview – Havok: ”I feel that It Is True is the oddball on the record”

Thrash metal är tillbaka. Och Havok står för leveransen. Unnatural Selction är ett mästerligt album som får sigillet I consil you because is very good som kyparen i Rom sa. Därför har Bara Metal intervjuat sångaren David Sanchez – läs även hans åtta livsviktiga tips på det här inlägget – som berättar allt värt att veta om nya albumet – och dessutom tipsar om andra metalband att hålla ögonen på:


The album is brilliant – thrashy, bold, brutal, head banging and catchy, all at the same time. Why is it this good? Explain yourselves!

– Thanks for the kind words. When you throw cool riff A with rad riff B and build on it, good things happen, I suppose!  We definitely strove to have more diversity on this album and I think that we accomplished that.

What’s the process when you compose a song?

– It usually starts with a guitar riff. That’s what heavy metal is all about, I mean, without those it’s just not metal.

– We’ll usually put a couple riffs together that are roughly the same tempo and then start building from there with key changes, meter changes, drum grooves, bass harmonies and so on. Lyrics and vocals usually come last, but not always.

Hardest song to record?

– The vocals on Children of the Grave were a bit of a challenge because we recorded it a half step higher than the Sabbath version. Had we done it in its original key, it would have been easier to sing.

Last minutes details that you did in the studio?

– The pre-chorus in Living Nightmare, the “distressed – unrest”-thing, was a down-to-the-wire decision to make it on the record.

It Is True – that song is so cool. The intro riff, the verse, refrain, break down – Tell us how you wrote this song!

– This song came about originally by writing the bass line on a piano and then transposing it to guitar. The call and response between the guitars was just a natural thing to do with that main riff and the rest of it just came very naturally.

– I feel that It Is True is the oddball on the record, but for that very reason, it’s special. The lyrics for this one came about very easily as it’s something I’m pretty passionate about: dispelling religious superstition!  As the chorus says, in regards to organized religion: “The world could be a better place in the end if we all could just admit it is true: THEY LIE TO YOU!”

In a distant future, Havok should be one of the new Big 4 – what other today young contemporary bands will fill the other three spots? In other words, name a few young thrash metal bands that you like!

– I’m a fan of Revocation, Vektor, Psychosomatic, Toxic Holocaust, and Warbringer to name a few.

Choosing the Black Sabbath cover – what was the discussion within the band?

– We covered it because the song is fuckin’ rad and heavy!  The lyrics of the tune also hold just as true today as the day they were written.  Lyrically it fits in perfectly with the rest of the album, so it was an easy decision.  No other Sabbath covers were discussed.

Havok with a “k” – tell us the story.

– Brainstorming names, the word “havoc” came up.  I thought the logo could look really cool and symmetrical if the “c” were changed to a “k.”  I sketched up the logo and that was it!  The logo looked awesome.


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