Accept reder ut historien om OKEJs hästbild, eller kanske inte

Ur den kommande intervjun med Wolf Hoffmann i Accept:

Bara Metal: I was reading a book a about the Swedish music magazine OKEJ the other night, do you remember a certain photosession…

Wolf Hoffmann: OKEJ! Yeah, I remember!

BM: … with the band sitting on a horse… Do you remember this?

WH: Of course I do. Backwards on a horse.

BM: It is one of the most strange pictures of Accept I have ever seen. Do you remember why?

WH: To this day I do not understand why. Someone said: “It would be a fantastic idea, let’s go do this.” I have not read the swedish text so I do not know why. We just went along.

BM: You went along because you were young? So, would you agree to such a photo session today?

WH: Probably not. We have had many weird photosessions. Oh, not many but a few. What were we thinking? Another one is that back photo on one of the first albums, when we look like drag queens, everybody knows that. It is hard not to cringe when I see that today.

FOTNOT: Bildtexten kopplar ihop Accept med ”hästkrafter”. Kanske är det därför?

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