EZO – House of 1000 pleasures: Bara Metal firar tusen inlägg

EZOBara Metal firar tusen inlägg som bara Bara Metal kan fira det på, med fokus på metal och låtar med ”1000″ i titeln.

Jamie St. James, mest känd som sångare i Black N Blue, medverkade på japanska bandet EZOs album, när det signades till Geffen (1987). Gene Simmons står som producent, och Jamie St. James står bland annat som kompositör till låten House of 1,000 Pleasures. Bara Metal ställde några raka frågor till honom:

I’m curious, what did you contribute with on House of 1000 Pleasures? Music? Riffing?

– I wrote the lyrics for House of 1000 Pleasures. Also I wrote the lyrics to a song on that record called Mr. Midnight. The band had all the music worked out.

You were a part of the Gene Simmons entourage at that point – what did that mean professionally?

–  Yes, we’ll Gene asked me to help out as he was producing that record. I was working on songs with him in those days for the Black N Blue records and we did a song for a KISS record as well.

Do you like the EZO song today?

– Yeah, I like that EZO record. House of 1,000 Pleasures is one of the best songs on it.

After that album EZO disappeared from the map. According to you – did they get a fair chance, or was the band treated badly by record company, managers?

– A lot of things could have gone wrong for them at Geffen Records at that time but it was still a really  good record in my opinion.

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