Jungle Rot: ”When people tell you 15 years later they are just now hearing about your band, something wasn’’t working”

The Jungle Rot interview. Bara Metal asked the questions, James Genenz [bass, backing vocals] gave the answers. Be sure to compete in the Jungle Rot contest, and do not miss him diagnosing other bands named after diseases or medical conditions. Go!


A FAQ I guess, but what the hell – how did you come up with the name Jungle Rot?

– Very early in the band inception the name was chosen. From what I hear it was from a high school exam multiple choice question. I think the name just stuck out and they rolled with it!

Quiet often, on social media like Youtube, I find the description ””underrated band”” combined with Jungle Rot. How come Jungle Rot has not got more attention?

– Not enough touring. Not enough support. Some people just blow us off. I don’t think any previous label really gave the band the push it needed.

– When people tell you 15 years later they are just now hearing about your band, something wasn’t working. You’ve got to have a team behind you who really cares for the band and likes the band and want to support the band. I don’t think we ever really had that before. Things are changing now though.

So after so long time in the metal business – would you tour for free to get the extra attention?

– No. We couldn’’t do it now. We’’ve done it before. It’s something you may have to do when you’re coming up to get your name out there, and when you still have real jobs and lives that you haven’t quite sacrificed yet. We couldn’t do it now, we depend on the income, as little as it may be.

I think your riffing has progressed to a thrashier death metal sound over the years, –what is your opinion comparing your earlier compositions with Terror Regime?

– There have always been thrash elements in our sound, they may be a little more pronounced now though. We just know we can play a little more aggressively now with our drummer who can do whatever we need him to do. It helps and when we write, we can push it a little harder, a little faster now.

So, how do you put together your songs? Is it one day’’s composing, or several different riffs put together while rehearsing?

– Usually one of us will just come with a riff and we’ll build upon it. It’s not really rocket science, it just comes out of us. That’s how it’s supposed to happen.

For this album you chose to cover DRI’s I Don’t Need Society. Why that particular song?

– We would just listen to this album on the road and Dave was like “It might be cool to pull out a old punk song like this and make it ours”. It wasn’t really hard to choose, we just all agreed that song would stick out.

You did not choose DRI in order to show support to Spike Cassidy fighting cancer?

– That wasn’’t the particular reason but we definitely support Spike and we’re glad he is still doing his thing! I just lost a great friend to cancer about a year ago who was taken from me way too young.


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Ett svar to “Jungle Rot: ”When people tell you 15 years later they are just now hearing about your band, something wasn’’t working””

  1. galacticmutilator Says:

    Den intervjun tackar vi för. Kan aldrig bli för mycket Jungle Rot. 🙂


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