Jungle Rot kommenterar metalband döpta efter sjukdomar

JRNEWHIGHRESBirds of a feather flock together. Since Jungle Rot is named after an ulcer, Bara Metal asked James Genenz [bass, backing vocals] of the band to comment other metal bands named after diseases or medical conditions. Quiet logical.

And while I’m at it – Jungle Rot releases new album, Terror Regime, this very day. Full ”normal” interview tomorrow + contest. For now, time to unleash the metal hospital, and get that Jungle Rot diagnosis from James Genenz:

• Neurosis – The name: ”Suits them perfectly.” The band: ”I’ve always dug this band, they are incredible.”

• Peste Noir – The name: ”It’s their name, haha!” The band: ”I own a few albums, I wouldn’t say they are a favorite but I’ll listen to them here and there!”

• Cancer – The name: ”Well, I hate the disease cancer, but it suits a death metal band.” The band: ”I love their first two albums, I grew up on this shit. Cancer Fucking Cancer!”

• Morbus Chron – The name: ”Interesting.” The band: ”I have yet to hear them, but I have heard of them. I will have to check them out soon!”

• Agoraphobic Nosebleed – The name: ”Humorous.” The band: ”Psychotic grind! I can dig it, once again, not a personal favorite, but I’ve been following them for awhile.”

• Anthrax – The name: ”Catchy.” The band: ”I’ve always been sorta on the fence with them. I did like the first few albums though.”


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