Deus Otiosus: ”Seven horror movies that inspire us”

Danska dödsbandet Deus Otiosus har manglat metal sedan 2005. De är så klart lika mycket movie buffs som vi andra, och backar inte för att inspireras av eller sampla filmer som kan bidra till atmosfär i musiken. Känner ni inte till bandet, lyssna här, väl värt fem minuter av din tid.

För Bara Metal har Henrik Engkjær [gitarr] listat några av sina favoritfilmer:

Seven horror movies that inspire Deus Otiosus


One of the greatest horror movies ever made! The atmosphere, the story and the soundtrack just make it magical. At one point I wanted to write a song over the prophecy from the movie (“As the jews return to Zion…”), but Iced Earth already did that extremely well with the song Damien. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to top that.


A very basic zombie-movie, but still one of the most effective ones, in my opinion and obviously a classic. Romero’s “Of the dead”-series inspired us to make our own. Starting with the song Thousand Arms of the Dead on our debut album and Surrounded By The Dead on our new album, Godless.

Det-sjunde-inseglet-The-Seventh-Seal-Bergman-1957-dance-of-death• THE SEVENTH SEAL

Not a horror movie, but a movie about death and plague – and since this is for a Swedish page, what the hell! At least partially The Seventh Seal presents some very beautiful and inspiring imagery and language. It has way more in common with medieval positioned Deus Otiosus-songs like Pest Grave and Death Dance than most actual horror movies.


Not strictly a horror movie either, but still a great sinister movie about one of the theories about Jack The Ripper. Jack is also one of the main themes on our debut album Murderer, and this is really one of the best movies I’ve seen on the subject.

wolfman• THE WOLFMAN (Re-make)

Out of those old Universal horror movies, “The Wolfman” was already the best, and the re-make is actually one of those few of its kind that is better than the original. Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins are great and the storyline is as believeable and well-written as a supernatural, horror movie gets. One of those few new horror movies worth watching.


This one should be obvious. We used a sample from this one in Wall of Violence. I’m usually not that much into Stephen King and the movies based on his books. But this one is one of the best horror movies I know. Jack Nicholson is an unbelievable actor and perfect for horror movies.

About the quote – Whenever we incorporate other art with our music, we like it to give another dimension to what we’re doing as well as re-interpreting what that piece of art originally meant. This is also the case with the quote of Jack Nicholson from “The Shining” (“I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m just gonna bash your brains in…”).

Wall of Violence is basically about primitive street brawling, while “The Shining” is of course about isolation and phychosis. However I think that quote works quote well in a hooligan-like context, and so it gets another meaning in that context than from watching the film. Also of course it adds a gleam of sinister madness to the otherwise straight forward, violent song


Last choice and still a good bunch that I could mention, but you can’t beat the classics. They had the qualities I also like in music – their own character and identity, atmosphere and coherence. The Exorcist is a good example of that. You can always put that one on and enjoy it.


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2 svar to “Deus Otiosus: ”Seven horror movies that inspire us””

  1. Grimgoth Says:

    Underbart att se hur dom inspireras av olika filmer och även samplat en del.
    Härlig grupp är det också så klart!

  2. SpaderEss Says:

    Deras musik kanske inte riktigt är min bag, men deras filmsmak är oklanderlig!


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