Orphaned Land och Impiety – vägen från aggressioner till heavy metal

Metal och aggressioner. Lika men olika. I Singapore respektive Israel. Här är två citat där frustration över landets situation är utlösande för den typ av musik de spelar, och den typ av texter de sjunger:


”We are dominated by a system that’s so rigid and cold, a system that is leading many to turn to suicide or divorce, or suffer from life-long depression. […]

Metal is sort of catharisis for us, in order to exorcise out inner demons. It’s like therapy. It’s a way for us to expel our demons, you know? All the anger and hate we just see in the world, our own personal sufferings, we just throw it out in metal – that’s why it’s so aggressive. Only metal can do that.”

Mike Priest, Impiety (Singapore)
Hämtat från boken Labour of Love and Hate


”We are coming from a region of aggressions. How much aggression do we need to face? Israel has existed for less than 70 years, and we already have had five wars. Terror. Conflicts. Take the other side, the Palestinians, this is the same story for the. Or the Arab countries, this is the same story for them. We have conflicts of war, of civilians killed, of soldiers killed. Aggression is all over us. Wherever I look there is aggression. I take that aggression and turn it into something else.

That is why I chose metal music. To transform aggression into something that unites people, creates brotherhood, friendship, a strong bond between enemies. This is not new age music. This is heavy metal. Could probably only happened in the Middle East and in our region.”

Kobi Fahri, Orphaned Land (Israel)
Hämtat från Fokus (även publicerad på Bara Metal)




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