King Diamond, the day Cliff Burton died: ”It can’t be”

Den här frågan ställde jag i samband med att jag intervjuade King Diamond inför Sweden Rock. Den intervjun hittar ni här. Idag för 26 år sedan dog Cliff Burton.

I want to ask you about Cliff Burton – you were a great friend with Metallica back then, as you are today of course. Do you remember that day, the day he died?

– I was in Copenhagen. And they were on their way to Copenhagen. I was called up by the promoter, Erik Thomsen, he is not with us any more, he was the biggest promoter in Denmark. He was mr Rock’n Roll. I knew him so well, he did all our concerts back then. He is one of the big heroes. And he was the one that called me: he said he had some bad news, I think he went to the hospital to find out more about it. I remember thinking it can’t be. It can’t be. It had to sink in. It is one of those things that you can’t think is possible.

…and then you played with Metallica in Gothenburg in 1987, I think it was in february?

– Yes. But the first time we met was in San Francisco. We were playing there with Mercyful Fate. ”There is a danish drummer here to see you – Lars Ulrich.” We said ”Who?” ”Lars, he is the son of the professional tennis player Torben Ulrich.” ”Oh! Torben Ulrich?! Send him in, send him in!” Ha ha! Now, it is the other way around.

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