Dyscarnate: ”I couldn’t give a fuck how a band looks”

Three men. One purpose. One sound. And two great reviews from Metal Hammer Magazine (8/10) and Terrorizer Magazine (4/5) for their latest album And so it Came to Pass released this spring. Here’s an interview with drummer Matt Unsworth of british death metal band Dyscarnate.

You looked for a full-time stand alone vocalist in december 2010 – why? 

– We thought a frontman might add to our live show – because we all play instruments it’s not easy to get as much movement as we might like onstage sometimes!

And why did you choose not to go for that standalone vocalist, after all?

– We had a lot of applications, but no one really fit the bill to the point where we wanted to bring them into the band. We decided instead to take the live show up a gear ourselves, and now feel that as a three piece we bring energy and atmosphere to our shows above and beyond what we hoped to achieve with a standalone vocalist.

One thing struck me as interesting in your ad, this singer should have ”No criminal record” – why? Bad experiences?

– It’s difficult to tour overseas with a criminal record, in some cases you can’t even get into other countries without a clean criminal record.

Drums, riffing, aggressiveness and the vocals – the way you make metal is very modern. How have you progressed and developed, especially in riffing and over all sound, since your last album Enduring the Massacre?

– Our sound has gotten a lot groovier, the aim is to make people bang their heads throughout the whole set!

– We put more emphasis on overall songs than individual riffs – so even if a riff is fucking amazing – if it doesn’t fit into the song as a whole then we won’t just throw it in for the sake of it. Every part is there for a reason. In that sense we take a very mature approach to writing, nothing is there to satisfy any one of our egos – only to serve the song.

So how do you make a Dyscarnate song from scratch to finish?

– We write on a computer, so that we can listen back to songs as we go from a listener’s perspective. Tom [guitars, vocals] tends to come up with riffs, then we arrange them into complete songs, but we often write whole sections which we end up scrapping if we’re not 100 % happy with them. This coupled with the fact that we never write without all three of us in the room means that the writing process can take well over a month per song. It can be pretty pain-staking, but means that by the end we have an album which we couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with.

 About your name, you went from Incarnate to Dyscarnate – why?

– There were too many bands out there with the name Incarnate – we decided to make up a word by applying the prefix ‘dys’, as we knew no one else would have the same name. The band name translates to something along the lines of ‘infected humanity’.

Reading on social media [i.e. Youtube], people react to your looks. You are sort of the antithesis to Dani Filth and other all dressed up metal musicians. You look like normal british young men – is that a statement?

– It’s just how we’re comfortable! None of us look the way we do because we’ve made a decision to stay away from a certain ”style”. We all used to have long hair, but it became impractical for work and in the live situation. I suppose it’s a statement in the sense that we believe there should be no politics to music – particularly in fashion. I couldn’t give a fuck how a band looks, as long as they play awesome music!

Which song is your oldest in your liveset – and what makes it stay there?

– We don’t play anything older than songs from our debut album these days, and we don’t even play as many songs from Enduring The Massacre [2010] as we do from And So It Came To Pass. We think the new stuff best represents us as a band these days, so we like to play as much of it as we can. I suppose the oldest song in the set by now is Yielding The Iron Fist, which you can hear because it’s one of the fastest and most blast-ridden in the set.



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