Första meningen – ett facit över tio biografier

10. My parents loved music and named me after Glenn Miller. OKEJ, SKICKA MIG TILL RÄTT SVAR

9. My father always said I would do something big one day. SATT I FÄNGELSE I SIN UNGDOM

8. I was born Ian Fraser Kilmister on Christmas Eve, 1945, some five weeks premature, with beautiful golden hair which, to the delight of my quirky mother, fell out five days later. VEM KAN DET VARA?

7. When I was fifteen years old, I remember Iggy and the Stooges’ song ”Search and Destroy” reaching out from my speakers to me like my own personal anthem. SHOUT, SHOUT, SHOUT!

6. I’ve known a lot of junkies. TRYCK HÄR, REKOMMENDERAS

5. It was 1965, I was seventeen years old, and it was my very last day on the job. TVÅ FINGRAR PÅ VÄG ATT KAPAS?

4. Someday soon, just after the final chords of ”Rock and Roll All Nite” ring out on the Shea Stadium stage, I will pick up my bass and exit stage right. DEMONEN

3. It felt like a baseball bat to my chest, but one swung from the inside. SAUL HUDSON

2. When I was a kid I used to carry around this awful image in my head – a picture of three men tangled awkwardly in high-tension wires, fifty feet in the air, their lifeless bodies crisping in the midday sun. SPACE MAN

1. James Hetfield, who used to be one of my best friends, as close as a brother, once observed with some incredulity that I must have been born with a horseshoe up my ass. JAMES GAMLA BÄSTIS

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Ett svar to “Första meningen – ett facit över tio biografier”

  1. El Barto Says:

    Gissningsgissar på:
    10) Glenn Hughes
    9) Ozzy
    8) Lemmy
    7) Nikki Sixx
    6) Duff
    5) Tony Iommi
    4) Gene
    3) Slash
    2) Ace
    1) Dave


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