Lamb of Gods Mark Morton: ”Varför vill alla att jag snackar skit om andra band?”

Mark Morton, riffmeister i Lamb of God, svarar på fansens frågor via twitter då och då, eller i alla fall idag. Här är de typ tio eller tjugo bästa frågorna och svaren från idag (jag lovar, ni slipper frågan om hans favoritfärg):

Any side projects aside from metal genre?
MM: Yea, but just recording stuff.

Is there any site that you recommend to find tabs?
MM: No. I dont do the tab thing. use ur ears.

Here a trick to play better guitar? tasted the sound box darrell?
MM: Ich verstehe dich nicht.

What’s your guilty pleasure, film wise?
MM: Pee Wee Herman… but thats not really anything to feel guilty about, is it??

Any gear that ur interested in checkin out that u don’t have?
MM: I really want to build a replica of Kurt Cobains amp rig.

Do you like using alternative tunings (open tunings) as Black Crowes Rich Robinson does?
MM: Not for Lamb of God.

Do you like listening your songs/compositions after they’re recorded?
MM: Once theyre done, I rarely listen to them.

What would be your ideal concert lineup?
MM: Metallica/Black Sabbath/Lamb Of God.

How are the new riffs and album coming?
MM: I have some SICK shit. but we’re not jammin together for a few months.

Why do you nicely answer questions from your fans?
MM: A combo of boredom and intrigue.

Have you seen the Rockabye Baby albums?
MM: I have the AC/DC & Metallica ones. Kirk H told me HE has the Metallica one too.

Who do you think is the most over-rated band?
MM: Why’s everybody always trying to get me to talk shit on other bands?

Metallica or Megadeth?
MM: Stop.

How new albun come to us?
MM: Ich verstehe dich nicht.

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