Thrash metals mest provocerande bandnamn – och en sjukt bra låt

”Awesome music, stupid band name”

Worst band name ever lolol”

Cheesy bandname, an even gayer songtitle but i was pleasantly surprised when I heard it.”

”Cool music…..GAY NAME!!!!”

”The band name is absolutely retarded, the song is pretty awesome though.”

”It’s hard for me to take a band seriously if their name is goofy as hell.”

”Personally I think you read into the name way to much.”

”Lol haha this band’s name is awesome.”

”What’s wrong with RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER – that’s a sick name!”

Och så analytikern: ”Doesn’t Rumpelstiltskin steal kids souls? I mean really wouldn’t a Rumpelstiltskin Grinder basically be a machine that grinds kids despair, pain, and souls up and spit out METAL?! That’s quite possibly the most metal thing I’ve ever thought about. Plus these guys kicking ass is a bonus too.”

Kommentarer hämtade från Youtube.

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