Woes nya album – låt för låt: ”…a bit of an odd song” Del II

Här är andra delen av Chris Griggs redogörelse för Woes senaste album Quietly, Undramatically (Candlelight), låt för låt. Ni kan köpa albumet här och stötta amerikansk välsignat okommersiell black metal.


– This is the oldest song on the album. In fact, it predates almost every song on the first record, too. There was a massacre at an American college called Virginia Tech – I doubt it made it to the news overseas – on April 16, 2007. A student there, age 23, was the sole shooter. Immediately after the attack, they started digging through his history to find a cause or warning signs, people and events to blame. The reality, though, was that this guy was just totally fucking crazy so there wasn’t anyone or anything to blame, but that didn’t stop people from demonizing video games and movies and all sorts of things. Anyway, I wrote the song on that day.

– It’s written from the perspective of someone who can’t handle a rational reality. It’s not an endorsement of it but a statement that there are some things that we really cannot predict and cannot control. It fit the theme of the album so I included it.


– The long one. I was a bit nervous about this one because going into the studio, it felt a little flat to me. It wasn’t until we started adding layers that it really came to life.

– First the bass went in and Shane saved the day right there. Then I added vocals, which helped. The first part of the song up to the slow part was meant to be instrumental (inspired by a track on Drudkh’s Microcosms) but the lows (another Drudkh inspiration) give that part an intensity that it was lacking.

The things that make the song most special, though, were added at the very end of the recording session with Matt: the soaring lead lines at the end of the slow section, the extra guitar melodies at the very end of the ”metal” part of the song, and most importantly those classical guitars in the outro.


Full Circle was written as the closer but when we finished tracking, it felt too obvious. The album was very dynamic and didn’t have the same aggression as the first one so I wanted to end on a very powerful note. Here it is, but it’s a bit of an odd song.

– It was the last one written for the album, deliberately the most straight-forward, no-frills black metal I could manage, with tributes paid to some of my friends and favorite bands by way of homage riffs. The lyrics are both a condemnation of the modern black metal scene and a statement of living proudly by your own values, honest with yourself and the world around you.


Tack, Chris! Hatred is our heart hittar ni på Spotify.

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