Woes nya album – låt för låt: ”Jag våndades…” Del I

Jag gillar Woes senaste album sjukt mycket. Särskilt titelsången. Eftersom jag också är komposition- och riffnörd, och patologiskt intresserad av arbetet i studion, bad jag bandets grundare Chris Grigg att kommentera hela albumet, låt för låt:


– When approaching the first song of the album, I had two main goals: first was that it had to start slowly and build up, the second was that it must be different from everything on the album to draw contrast to the speed and intensity that would follow.

– I tend to dislike intros that are purely instrumental and was heavily influenced by the intro to the new Klimt 1918 album, which is a very short song with singing, but it still serves the purpose of being an introduction. The thematic concept is introduced here.


– In case it wasn’t obvious when listening, this and No Solitude were written as one song. The only reason they weren’t put together as a single track was because I wanted to do the listener a service so they could skip right to the speed. This song is representative of the old Woe vs. the new. The first half of the song is really aggressive and straight-forward, written to kind of be a follow-up to Alone With Our Failures from the first album. The bridge about half-way through, the really bold, dramatic one, is kind of the doorway into the new album, after which point things get really melodic and more complex.


– I agonized over this song. Parts of it fell into place very quickly but a lot of it, particularly the vocals, weren’t addressed until after all of the music was recorded. The clean guitar before the final loud riff at the end was something I decided to do in the studio in an effort to bring the volume down as low as possible so the next section would hit harder. The clean vocals, found only in this song, started as a melody I would hum to myself while listening to the mix in my car. I tried it with one voice and it just went from there.

– The guitar melody after the clean vocal part and the solo at the end of the song were played by Matt Moore (Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Absu) and something that we composed together on the spot as ”icing” of sorts. He told me the other day that he cringes whenever he hears the solo but I’m rather fond of it.


– While not the oldest song on the album, this was the first written specifically for the follow-up to A Spell for the Death of Man. It was kind of the proof of concept for the new one, a Woe song that deliberately eschewed the speed of the earlier material for something dynamic, something with a bit more depth.

– A bit more than a year before the recording for the new album, I recorded this song for a 7″ that ended up not getting released. My drumming was lousy and I just didn’t like how it and the other songs (a rerecording of the first Woe song written and a cover of Dystopia’s Anger Brought by Disease) sounded so it was never released.


Thank you Chris. Woe är just nu ute på turné med Krieg – som Chris Grigg också spelar trummor i. Krieg kan du läsa om här, i Jonn Palmer Jeppssons krönika i SDS.

Vill du läsa om mer svartmetall, ska du gå till expertbloggen Hatpastorns likpredikan.

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3 svar to “Woes nya album – låt för låt: ”Jag våndades…” Del I”

  1. Woes nya album – låt för låt: ”…a bit of an odd song” Del II « Bara metal Says:


  2. hatpastorn Says:


    Tusen tack för länken. Jag gjorde f ö en intervju med Furze till Sweden Rock. Fick tyvärr banta ner 17000 tecken till 1700 tecken pga platsbrist. Man kanske skulle panga upp hela intervjun på bloggen, skön snubbe han Reaper.

    • barametal Says:

      Har lagt upp dig i blogrollen idag också. En kompis visade mig i måndags hur man gör… Från 17 000 till 1700 är nästan kulturdöd. Lägg upp texten på bloggen!, kanske i delar?


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